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Monday, November 17, 2008


Scatterings Untitled Meaning to make more of it than he ever could, three dogs drink from the fountain he drove his way through sleep and Nebraska and rested in Cheyenne --------- Pronghorns running, rain on the mountains, the ocean folds, divides he pushed his eyes past salt and sunset, got three in a king at Elko --------- Late the following afternoon, deserts, peaks, and valleys behind, sprinklers low he shifted his heart into Oakland and Hayward and studied it on the map --------- Sunday, after San Francisco and the cleansing of Highway One, snails he dribbled off to fog and Santa Barbara, he walked be/ side the sand - [ The above--which I have revised a little-- was found in a notebook. The incidents in it are true. They occurred in 1970. The "three" were: me, my wife, and the eldest of her two younger sisters who was moving to California. The reason our destination was Santa Barbara was because an aunt and uncle of theirs lived there. ] sm005 post 1011

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Scatterings Name This River: Longhorn What godlings breathe on Texas, spring tumbleweed through raspy dust; with flails of rain & ice & snow norther county after county into submission; out of the Mexicos comfort one day & the next one roast; birth from the Gulf of Mexico snail fogs, urchin humidities, songs & laughter, and roiling pirates intense of eye; welcome with pines & oaks & mesquite, and oil wells & bank towers, and famous steer & flashing fish, with lonesome rolling mile on mile, & sufferings, and yet again with kudos & ramadas; book Charles Behlen into & for my spirit, and likewise or elsewise you; ponder me in Austin, a migrant from Wisconsin for some 45 days now as I (still uneasy in my settling in) course roughly across 4 atlas pages-- from its Dawson County beginning to its end in Matagorda Bay--the river that sections Austin, the river whose name my naming heart may ever want to change? (from First Pick - selected poems by Alden St. Cloud, 1982) sm004 post1010


Scatterings The New Seasons 1. Swept to angels the snow delights and the yards they suddenly touch seem somehow blessed as the children skipping tumbling lolleygag home dropping their goods for wings snowmen snowballs forts oblivious in their escapes 2. Softly rocking creaking the breeze from the fragrant green shining noon as it ruffles the daffodil curtain the wife and husband smile at each other while they share close memories and pictures of their kids and grandkids 3. Mowing the lawn by the garden where cutflowers rise and neatly slide into a braided basket unrhythmically swinging from his wife's left forearm the husband stops resting his paunch and shifts into a long idle 4. Quickened into the riveredge woods right off the high school parking lot the three boys and the three girls yell and squeal as they duck under ochreous leaves pop over a knoll shimmer through a dogqwood brake bob out of sight (from First Pick - selected poems by Alden St. Cloud, 1982) sm003 post 1009


Scatterings Wells Mfg. Corp. Plastics Department Angels demons fireflies beige 'n' grey-black dust of plastics thin air-hosed flash a butterfly on a tank-top a medal on a breast a mole on a nose small oblong preforms stacked together on their sides a black aurora rotor bodies distributor caps tumbling jacks & switches coil heads boxes barrels slip carts gloves armbands scoops inserts trays the heat of ovens & grinding presses August days over 90 sweat stock handler or preform maker or press operator or set-up man in the patterns of your work you weave in pools of something to eat to drink of bullshit hassling anger of serious talk of rest of dreams for yourself for others as you want need to can you mold your muscles and mind producing satisfaction and someone listens to crickets someone feels a cool breeze after dark someone jumps from ragweed entering a window someone balks at the taste of heat & dust someone breathes love the foreman worries smiles Labor Day, 1973 (from First Pick - selected poems by Alden St. Cloud, 1982) sm002 post 1008