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[6-16-2009 Update Insert: Most of what is in this space is now moot. I found out what I was doing wrong and have reinstated Archives and Labels searches. They do work. However, in certain cases you may prefer Labels to Archives. Example: 1976 Today begins in November of 2006 and concludes in December of 2006, but there are other related posts in other months. Note: Labels only shows 20 posts at a time. There are 21 hubs, making 21 (which is for 1976 Today) an older hub.] ********************************* to my online poems and song lyrics using Archives. Use hubs for finding archival locations but do not link through them. Originally an AOL Journal, where the archive system was nothing like the system here, this blog was migrated from there to here in October of 2008. Today (Memorial/Veteran's Day, May 25, 2009) I discovered a glitch when trying to use a Blogger archive. Now, it may be template-related, but I am unable to return to S M or to the dashboard once I am in the Archives. Therefore, I've decided on this approach: a month-by-month post guide. The sw you see in the codes here stood for Salchert's Weblog when I began it in November of 2006. It later became Sprintedon Hollow. AOL provided what were called entry numbers, but they weren't consistent, and they didn't begin at the first cardinal number. That is why the numbers after "sw" came to be part of a post's code. ************** Here then is the month-by-month post guide: *2006* November: 00001 through 00046 - December: 00047 through 00056 -- *2007* January: 00057 through 00137 - February: 00138 through 00241 - March: 00242 through 00295 - April: 00296 through 00356 - May: 00357 through 00437 - June: 00438 through 00527 - July: 00528 though 00550 - August: 00551 through 00610 - September: 00611 through 00625 - October: 00626 through 00657 - November: 00658 through 00729 - December: 00730 through 00762 -- *2008* January: 00763 through 00791 - February: 00792 through 00826 - March: 00827 through 00849 - April: 00850 through 00872 - May: 00873 through 00907 - June: 00908 through 00931 - July: 00932 through 00955 - August: 00956 through 00993 - September 00994 through 01005 - October: 01006 through 01007 - November: 01008 through 01011 - December: 01012 through 01014 -- *2009* January: 01015 through 01021 - February: 01022 through 01028 - March: 01029 through 01033 - April: 01034 through 01036 - May: 01037 through 01044 - ******************************************************* 1976 Today: 2006/11 and 2006/12 -- Rooted Sky 2007: 2007/01/00063rsc -- Postures 2007: 2007/01/sw00137pc -- Sets: 2007/02/sw00215sgc -- Venturings: 2007/03/00216vc -- The Undulant Trees: 2007/03/00266utc -- This Day's Poem: 2007/03/00267tdpc -- Autobio: 2007/04/sw00316ac -- Fond du Lac: 2007/04/00339fdl -- Justan Tamarind: 2007/05/sw00366jtc -- Prayers in December: 2007/05/sw00393pindc -- June 2007: 2007/06/sw00440junec -- Seminary: 2007/07/sw00533semc -- Scatterings: 2008/08/00958sc ** Song Lyrics: 2008/02/sw00797slc ********** 2009-06-02: Have set S M to show 200 posts per page. Unfortunately, you will need to scroll to nearly the bottom of a page to get to the next older/newer page.


Tuesday, October 9, 2007


PEACE LOVE COMMUNITY old AOL Sprintedon Hollow Homepage There's a site map link at the bottom of this page, but if you haven't read this page, please read it first. Thank you. [ last modified: 2008-02-10 ] [ 2007-11-07 Note: Major color changes made again. See near bottom of this page new hex colors, but I am back to a gray page. This gray's rgb is 192 192 192. ] [ 2007-10-11 Note: This page is an explanatory adjunct entry, and therefore is not a homepage in the traditional sense. The core page (entry) for this site is p00260jlctr (Journal Links Center or site map), and will always be so. However, this page is important, and should be read by each visitor to Sprintedon Hollow. Thank you. ] [ 2007-10-13 Note: Sprintedon Hollow is a nonchronological record of my life as a writer. Despite being 66, if I live long enough to find out, I may be in the early stages of my writer life. Although I engage reality at every turn, many works of mine are dreamscapes: that is, they are dream-like escapes from reality. In some ways I am like W. S. Landor / John Clare / E. A. Robinson; but perhaps my disclosing this is not wise, so whispers the chameleon in me. ] [ 2007-10-21 Note: You cannot count on my always using the same colors. It is PM 7:28. The present color codes are near the bottom of this page. ] [ 2007-10-22 Note: So, the gray background I wrote about earlier this month has been replaced by 8080c0, which is a purpled gray. ] 10-09-2007 With one thing leading to another, to another, to another, to another, to another with an intermingling of personal troubles, this has been a valuable but difficult day. Long have I considered October to be the month of changes, and with this page/ this day becomes a preeminent day of change for this blog. It is PM 8:05, so "Good evening." I am Brian A J Salchert. Why I am is an absolute mystery to me, but why the background of this page is rgb 128 128 128 gray--a shade that is exactly midway between black and white--is not; but more about that later. To the left of this blog is an "All About Me" sidebar. I've not been happy with it for some while, but I am not going to remove it. However, much of what is there will be transferred to here, and a link to here will be placed on it. The link color for this blog is aqua (or cyan, if you prefer). Several links relating to me or to this blog will be inserted into this page. You will know by the information I present in each/ where it will whip you to. If you have not/ figured it out, I am an INFP: uncertainty is my milieu, creativity my passion, and persistence my compass. Nonetheless, I am such a failed being I recently began calling myself: the ghost in the dumpster . See the green period. That is my sense of humor, which comes from the 1/4 English in me. The other 3/4's are German, with a who-won-the-war wisp of French. I pronounce my surname as if it were two first names: Saul'kurt. Completing this page is going to take a while. Where that while is going to be taken is anyone's guess. Unless theyhave changed them, w3c has a palette of 16 acceptable colors. I donot like some of their choices. The color this text is in is not one of them. The palette AOL uses is (as I have mentioned elsewhere) IE's basic colors palette. The other day I discovered two errors I need toget to MS tech about. The color this text is in is not available on thatpalette either, but the color this text is in is one of the 216 safe colors. 10-10-2007 Of the 16 w3c colors, 8 are among the so-called safe colors. There is, however, a logical reason for this. 255 0 0 is red and 0 0 255 is blue, but 0 255 0 is not green. It is a light green. Equidistant from red and blue is 0 128 0, the rgb code for true green, which is not a "safe" color. Of the supposedly 48 IE colors, one color is repeated, being both at R5 C7 and R6 C7. I have no idea why. Also, in the javascript environment of AOL Journals, the color at R3 C5 is not coded correctly, showing 040080 instead of the correct 004080. All this is really no big deal, but it is curious. Not too surprisingly, there are 8 safe colors in IE's basic colors, the same 8 w3c has. For more about colors, including w3c's colors, see my math links. Though I did not expect it, I recently saw that because I use colors in some of my poems and elsewhere// this gray background best serves my needs. I am a writer. Some background facts about me are in the directory at Poets & Writers. Over the years I have tended to be reclusive, a result of which is the presence of 9 completed books of my poems and 4 others in progress in this journal (weblog / blog / webbed log), with more expected. Math, autobio, and other entries are also here. On June 22, 2007, in another galaxy in the Internet universe, I began my Rhodingeedaddee blog. Its focus is: thoughts on poetry and other wonders. I will not be moving any entry in Sprintedon Hollow to there, nor will I be placing any of my poems or math delvings there. Regarding extra-sites linked to: Personal education is my reason for linking to them. I am not promoting any product which might be found thereon. If a site I provide a link to contains an ad or ads for a product or products of interest to you, exit from Sprintedon Hollow/ and go directly to that site. - Thank you-Copyright Information: No matter what your opinion of it is, if you wish to link to or otherwise use part or all of a post of mine, reveal both the post (e.g. sw00635tlsh) and sufficient copyright information (e.g. © 2007 Brian A J Salchert) AND, if your projected use involves more than a hyperlink or a fair usequoting of me, let me know in advance. - Thank you email: thinkinglizard at AOL . com------------------------- scroll down / look on the left for Most Popular / click on What Do You Do When Someone Steals Your Content Lorelle VanFossen maintains this valuable site which has a some rights reserved Creative Commons license. Read her site's About page. S H's AOL Journal colors: - Page Background c0c0c0 Body Text 000000 Heading Background 00ffff Heading Text 000000 Sidebar Background c0c0c0 Link Text 0000ff sw00635tlsh Site map is at 2007/03/12/sw-p00260jlctr Copyright © 2006, 2007, 2008 by Brian A. J. Salchert Thinking Lizard All rights reserved.

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