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Thursday, July 31, 2008


From } } } } } } } find out which bird has the most states Brian A. J. Salchert 2008-07-31

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sunday, July 27, 2008


There's a better place, but it is under construction. So for now, this site: Car History Brian A. J. Salchert 2008-07-27

Friday, July 25, 2008


~ The link here is to the about/welcome/ page of the Library of Congress of the United States of America. LofC ~ Brian A. J. Salchert 2008-07-25

Thursday, July 24, 2008


[ Note: "him" can be changed to, for example, "her" or "it" or "them" and "he" can likewise be changed to "she" or "it" or "they" ] When You Want Him When you want him, he will be there, he will be there, be and for. When you want him, he will be there, he will be there, be and for. When you want him, really really want him, he will be there, be and for. When you want him, really really want him he will be there, be and for. (repeat stanzas one and two) (repeat stanzas three and four) He will be there, be and for. He will be there, be and for. Brian A. J. Salchert 2008-07-24

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


} } } Not sure where future entries are headed, and not sure if each will address a single topic or single aspect of a topic; but am sure the direction of each will be away from me. - Today will be introductory. Might try doing this alphabetically since that would make it easier all around. Some of the topics will be ones I have long had an interest in; some will be topics I know little to nothing about. Diverse destinations. My hope is this will be both enjoyable and useful. - As you know, there are many excellent sites online, and rank is not a true measure. So, while I have links in S H's sidebar sections, you are welcome to mention one you favor. - Most of us in this nation hunger for changes that will benefit every citizen, from the poorest to the wealthiest. AlterNet: current issues articles Read specifically Matt Taibbi's class war article: "Economic Realities . . .". { { { Brian A J Salchert 2008-07-23

Monday, July 21, 2008


human poet 2006/11/05/sw00007a-human.poet/748 . . . . . 2006-09-06 about me 2006/11/19/ . . . . . sexuality 2007/02/22/sw00227a-sexuality/1190 . . . . . June 9, 1984 Graduate Record Exam / and 2007/03/11/sw00258a-gre1984june09uf/1238 . . . . . about me #2 2007/09/19/sw00617a-bio.me2/2222 . . . . . Brian A. J. Salchert 2008-07-21

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Herein are links to information about your money and the instituions holding it. The first link goes to a WalletPop article by Sarah Gilbert from 15jul08: How safe is your money? ..... The second link goes to a page provided by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation where private companies which rate banks and related institutions are alphabetically listed. If you need to, or are just curious, browse this list. ..... - Brian A. J. Salchert 2008-07-20

Saturday, July 19, 2008


My guess is I put together this handmade wee chapbook in 1965, but it may have been 1964. The blue edge in this image is beyond the cover. Seventeen poems are in it and a never-used fragment of another poem. That fragment/ and ten of the poems are not online. Some use rhyme. Here is one of those. ~ ~ ~ The Rueful Soldier I have walked these miles before Here on McClosky's dusty road, Kicked the dying leaves aside And thrown a pebble at a toad. Once I even caught a child Who fell down milkweed Martin's hill; Stumbled silly, as it were. You see these scars? They prove it, Will. There I stooped to tear the flower Adele could weave among her curls; Held a rifle near my hip, As we do now, though then for squirrels. from Bare Roots and Ragged Limbs by Brian Arthur Salchert - Brian A. J. Salchert 2008-07-19

Friday, July 18, 2008


Three at AlterNet: ..... Danny Schechter Be sure to read closing sentence. ..... William Greider Don't miss what's in the banner. ..... Questioner: Don Hazen Responder: Drummond Pike This one is four pages long. What it's about is in banner. - Brian A J Salchert 2008-07-18

Thursday, July 17, 2008


from Times Online July 15, 2008 article by Jonathan Richards "YouTube gets reprieve in Viacom piracy case" ..... - Brian A J Salchert 2008-07-17

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I do a lot of research when online. When I go to a site I am particularly interested in, I often read not only the post before me, but also all or most of the comments beneath that post. Sometimes I read other posts and investigate links from posts. Have many times found information of value to me through this habit. If something in a post triggers thoughts in me I think are worth sharing, I leave a comment; but, if others have commented, and one or more of those comments already covered the topic in my head, I don't comment. I regularly go to Wikipedia first when I am seeking general knowledge. Doing so is not always worth the effort, but there are some excellent postings there, such as the long Led Zeppelin one. As I have said elsewhere: The Internet is my house of learning. Much of what is usually on the AOL Welcome screen does not interest me, but I seldom just pass it by. - Brian A. J. Salchert 2008-07-15


The link here is to Douglas Rushkoff's "The Next Renaissance" keynote address available at Edge ( ..... - Brian A. J. Salchert 2008-07-15

Monday, July 14, 2008


Edges of Knowledge

2006-02-04  Saturday  10:40pm dc est
The turtling minutes
only prolong
my tattetale agonies.

2006-02-05  Sunday  11:44am cc est
Have been thinking about/
and trying to figure how to phrase:
I believe/ there is a God--
call Him Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah,/
or as I have at times: Rune God;/
or as you prefer--
and that this God is/
a Three-Person God:
Father Creator Sustainer,
Son Redeemer Sustainer,
Love Enlightener Sustainer;/
and that each of these Persons
is always active.
~ I also believe/
this Supreme Being
has granted each human a free will--
the freedom to/ consider and choose/
at each moment: Heaven, Purgatory,
Hell; and that (for the most part)
each of us knows/ which state of
spirituality/ is being chosen.
~ I do not believe/ we *humans
are (for the most part, or most of the time,
because of some illness or other defect)
* [Shortly before 4pm as I was about
to type the asterisked word above,
there was a knock on the door, and
a request I decided not to fulfill,
giving a reason which was definitely
true/ but wasn't--which I didn't even
think of--the primary reason impeding
me at that time.  (I am purposely not
revealing--and may not ever--certain
salient aspects of that incident.)  I
will say it may have been a test I
failed, but whether or not, it absolutely
was a dilemma event.  I am still in a
quandary over it.]  It is now 8:50pm dc est.

2006-02-06  Monday  10:40am dc est
All my life I have made errors, have chosen poorly, have made mistakes,
  if for no reason/ other than that: my mind's not right.  And why?
That I have yet/ to/ understand.
  Perhaps is totally in my genes for me to be/ as I am.
  Perhaps a certain hurt to my head (or/ to my spirit) is the prime reason.
  Perhaps my babyhood impetigo--.  Perhaps perhaps--.
  Often (in part) it was ignorance;
  often again (also in part) the angers inside me were the catalysts.
So, yes, some of my actions were unintentional; some not.


7:44pm dc est ~ Now begin/ my long-thought-about/
hermit hibernations.
Oh, I know one could say I have ever been/ often and often/
sleeping so.  Certainly, solitudes and silences and dreams-in-dreams
are/ an imaginer's, a thinker's, without-which-naught/
sacred/ I-b-n-a-r Ring Caverns.  Still, now begin/ my
hermit vibrations.
10:32pm dc est
10:41pm dc est

2006-02-07  Tuesday  evening
About Love:
Are you (meaning: Am I) able to
fully/ love another?
  Probably not.
Are you (meaning: Am I) able to
fully/ love yourself?
Are you (meaning: Am I) able to
fully/ love the/ God you say
you believe in?
  Fully enough, I "think",
with the graces from Him
I would need/ to be able to
die/ for that belief.


About Being Born Again:
When (while I was a baby)
I/ was Baptized,
I/ was
  born again.
When (while I was a sub-teen or early-teen)
I/ was Confirmed,
I/ was
  born again/ a second time.
When (when I was 21, and was walking/
in a closed cloister/ just outside of where/
Mass was being celebrated/ in a Jesuit Seminary
in Minnesota; and Fr. Purcell came up to me,
and asked: Whither/ goest thou?: and I told him:
This day/ [It was a Pentecost Sunday.] I am leaving.:
and he bid me kneel, and gave me his blessing.  I--
being as I was, and as I am--took it as a direct
sign from the Holy Spirit Himself/ that another
mission [one which did not include/ being a
Jesuit] awaited me, and that I was/ at that moment/ being
  born again/ a third time.


And what did I do, once back in the/ unordered?
And what have I done?  I did and have done
all  manner of things.  I have not been, and
am not yet, and may not ever be/ a holy man, no matter my
  hermit/ intonations.

Brian A. J. Salchert    2008-07-14    ekua23


Edges of Knowledge 2005-12-26 Monday 4:55pm dc - Though I, because of my eclectic ways, even though I/ have made comments (over my almost 65 years) in response to various situations or direct questions, do not ever expect to be/ among those who/ are able to be online bloggers, I, in early Decenber of 2000, did begin an online journal--which continues to be sporadically maintained--here at ThirdAge. 2005-12-31 Saturday 8:06pm dc - About my insanities: . 1) Paranoia Yes, but targeted. Right now, the 2 new residents in the home just west of mine. Though they have not been directly/ nasty to me, I do not trust them: especially the shorter one. ~ [01.01.06 2:02pm dc Sunday ~ Also, they have [a] light-brown puppy with partially-asymmetrical white markings, making it exceptional enough/ it seems to me it could be a show dog. It is a pit bull. I have not seen a leash for it.] . 2) Narcissism Yes, but usually not overtly. Without it, my INFP(?) personality would be some other. It is what drives me to consistently create: with words and number in particular. . 3) Passive/Perfectionist-Aggressive Yes, but situationally. I am an epileptic: frontal lobe and generalized. However, I also have a low testosterone malady, the cause of which is yet to be determined. My GP decided I should be examined by some endorinologists. I have visited them once, have had blood drawn to test certain relevant activities in my body, and have been scheduled to visit them again. I am pleased my doctor directed me to them, and I am pleased the lead doctor I am seeing wants to know what is causing my malady. [ 2008-07-14 note: It turned out I apparently did not have low testosterone. ] . 4) Anger Yes, but it is a seething "I rate" condition, mostly. I know I was not born with the natural intelligence-- unless my early head injuries, along with whatever else, took such intelligence away from me-- to easily achieve, or achieve at all, what I wish to. So persistence has become/ a must for me: which may not be a bad condition. If you feel moved to, see what President Coolidge had to say about persistence. See also my read Tripod page about anger, about being irate. Not surprisingly, though, numerous other lackings/ rouse angers in me. . 5) Inferiority complex Yes, but if it is found my emotional immaturity is largely due to something wrong physically, I would accept it, and go from there. [01-01-06 12:09pm dc ~ Example: ~ Otherwise, here are three Britishers: Shakespeare, Newton, Keats. Millions of others then, from every place on Earth. See next. ~] . 6) Delusions of Grandeur Yes, but I do possess a sense of humor, quirky as it is, and perhaps at times too self-degrading. [01.01.06 11:55am dc ~ Example: ~ Sometimes when reading through an explanation of an abstract idea, i will suddenly say to myself: "Don't confuse me." To which I will answer myself: "With what?" ~] 2006-01-01 Sunday 10:48am dc - It is, yes, a new year; but I am still an all-too-easily-agaitated dreaming spirit. . 1) Empathy Yes, though both less and more than pleases me. ~ On the less end, it is my straight-out sins of omission which/ are my most egregious acts. ~ On the more end, it is my over-the-top acts of-- perceived by me--kindness// which are among my stupidest. . 2) [2008-07-14: If there is a "2", I know not where it is.] 2006-01-03 Tuesday 10:27pm dc - This night I learned of/ an old copyright law with devastating consequences: a law which is a perfect example of why so many governmental decisions are not for the common good. Do I overstate? Perhaps. . This morning I learned from a certain Case Manager of mine: I am in the "pipeline". Such a/ glorious gift/ it seems to be; and yet I wonder: Can God possibly be in there/ with me? . It is closing in on 11pm. . Nothing. Just the Penn State / Florida State football game. . As I am not feeling well, I am going to bed. 2006-01-30 Monday 12:55am cc - If we cannot have an atrium, perhaps we can have an exedra. - Brian A. J. Salchert 2008-07-14 ekua22

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Edges of Knowledge 2005-11-03 Thursday 11:17pm dc - ~~~~~~~ 2005-11-13 Sunday 11:33pm dc - It's tough: being/ a nuh/thing; yet/ feeling filled/ because of/ my Creator; yet believing I/ can do many good things/ because of my/ Redeemer; yet/ quietly having/ endless insights/ because of my/ Enlightener. * * * 2005-11-14 Monday - What follows here within the brackets/ I attempted to put at "briansbrain2005cont", but the general web site there was not responding. [ Yesterday 2:22 2:32 2:33 2:34 pm. Today so far 11:11 11:22 11:32 11:33 am and 2:51--with that minute time I had told Mr. C (during our one o'clock meeting today) was highly unlikely to become the first minute time I would see in a given hour, this very day was--and then 2:55 pm. ] Partial explanation: I had an MV ride set for 3pm, but I was done early and (even after buying & eating a candy bar, was still early), and then my ride came early. Only God knows. 2005-11-15 Tuesday 8:51pm dc - At 8:11pm wc, looking out my sleeping room's . . . [east] window, above the trees, finally, the gibbous moon, and a bit higher, off to its right, orangey Mars. 2005-11-18 Friday 6:39pm dc - Changes. 2005-11-25 Friday 9:18pm dc - Yesterday I worked in the yard for about an hour. . A little after 1pm today I was out again when my weekly woman arrived. She decided to help me. By 2:30 we had 3 large black bags filled/ and placed near the street for removal. 2005-11-29 Tuesday 10:38am dc - Boy does it take me a long time to think of things: to figure out how to (do something) (arrange something)! You know how most wall sockets are designed: they have both a lower plug-in and an upper plug-in. For several months now I have not been using/ one in this crazy den to my best advantage, not until this morning. I have three nite lights I had laid aside, and then one night I decided to plug one in/ in a socket whose upper/ connection space had long been occupied by my den clock's (dc's) connector. So, even though that meant--if I didn't want to disturb the status quo--I would need to press the nite light into the lower connector, where it would be both some- what behind a corner of a large box/ and upsidedown, that is what I have been doing/ until 10:21am this morning. As you also likely know, most (if not all) nite lights/ simply have two smaller prongs. There- fore it was not a problem (in and of itself) for me to use it as I did. Nonetheless, thearrangement I now have is much better, no matter it meant I had to/ re- set the clock. ~ ~ ~ Monday 12.19.05 8:58am - I am just a/ minor mind/ in a major universe, trying to discover one salvatory truth/ or another/ outside those which are already known; and while I pray for myself and for billions beyond me, I have decided I (or Someone Else has decided for me) must do my searching/ intensely alone. - Brian A. J. Salchert 2008-07-12 ekua21

Friday, July 11, 2008


Edges of Knowledge 2005-11-02 Wednesday 4:55pm dc - Obituary 2 (All Souls' Day) And now the last of the generation before us-- in our family-- our father/ has passed: At noon today, and while he was sleeping, Sister Jean told me, phoning from Mobile this afternoon. His next birthday, later this November, would have brought him to/ 97. We were hoping he'd make it; but, as always, God had other plans; and we were pleased he left here, it seemed, peacefully. Nescio, nescio. It is difficult for one to who is sometimes holy and at other times evil, who is a worthy son some moments/ and at other moments a prodigal, to write the truth, or to write at all, in a period so ruled by vacancy as this is. . . . Due to his health, most times when I attempted to have (necessarily) phone conversations with dad, they went uneasily; so I wrote things I mailed over to Jean to share with him. I am here in Gator Gainesville and they are in Katrina Mobile. What I last sent was a poem I had written some years ago about a certain Sunday when he was still living in Colony Cove near Palmetto and Bradenton, and Janice and I, visiting him, went to church with him. Do not know how much of it Jean read to him, but she told me he smiled when she finished. For all his strengths, and all my weaknesses, hearing her say that made me smile. I was, and yet am, ever glad. - Brian A. J. Salchert 2008-07-11 ekua20

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Edges of Knowledge 2005-07-25 Monday 11:05pm cc - As aggravated as I can get at my least mistake; as sharply as my inability to be perfect/ irks me, I would not want to have a chip implanted in me that would make me "perfect". Where there is no challenge when it comes to improving one's ways of doing, there is no joy. . However, because I have so many ailments, I might accept the implantation of a medical chip. 2005-07-26 Tuesday 7:51pm cc - Most significant time today: 7:32pm dc. Had gone to drr, and shortly thereafter the phone rang. I would not have answered it, but it is easy to get to now because a while back I found a way to get it closer to the drr. The caller was J. D., whom I have been thinking of nearly every day for an even longer while. I wanted to call him, but I could not summon/ his last name. During our conversation, I revealed something about me which moved him to say . . . in parting. . . . . . --after 9pm-- On the radio the Milwaukee Symphony is playing Brahm's Symphony #4. It is one of those works I relate to right from its first notes, even if I do not have the musical memory that would allow me to remember them. 2005-07-27 Wednesday 11:49pm cc - Yesterday I meant to mention that it was ADA day, meaning that on July 26th, 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act was signed; but I never quite got to it. . Today was a busy enough day, but the next 2 days are likely to be busier. Tomorrow I will be getting a third bone density scan. It's been a while since the second scan. Friday I need to see one of my case managers regarding an upcoming [see new day] --12:00am cc-- 2005-07-28 Thursday 12:02am cc - sanity session with a clinical psychologist. . Last had a bone density scan (bds) as Shands Main on 19FEB04. Today at Shands Main I had another. 2008-08-01 Monday 9:45am cc - I began my computer day at 0:32am dc. . Decided about a year ago--I'm not really sure--to place all my writings in one large volume, but have been finding it difficult to decide on a title for that volume. This morning-- while slowly thinking through my major daily prayer--my thoughts opened to my last night with Janice, and my one contact, and my last words. Just as I did not know I would be visiting her twice that day, I did not know she would pass that night, nor did I know I would inexplicably be gently moving my cursor from the bottom left of its screen to the middle top/ close upon/ the time she passed. Placing my left hand on her forehead was my one attempt-to-communicate touch, and saying "good night, Janice" concurrently/ my last words. As to my volume, among the titles I have considered are: Who Am I? and Everything Wants to Fall on the Floor. This morning I decided I would name my mysterious opus: Good Night, Janice. 2005-08-06 Friday 9:47pm cc - 9:41pm dc - This is the day that Janice made/ what with my coming to read "Bridge Over Troubled Water" because of Bill Beckett and his closing his program, "The Caravan". with Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir", which I found and read at, and which led me to their "Stairway to Heaven" which I also read there; and then to S & G's "Bridge . . ." which I also read there; and understood why/ Janice so loved it/ as I, for the first time, really read it, my life otherwise being usually too noisy for me to care to really read/ any song. . You know, Forty-One, if the numbers tonight are trying to communicate, 9 means September, the month . . . Janice [and I] got engaged. . [ 2008-07-10 note: US Highway 41 is the major north-south highway that passes just west of my hometown. ] 2005-08-11 Thursday 10:26pm dc - Am revising Rooted Sky offline. 2005-08-19 Friday 12:51pm dc - At last I am becoming the hermit I have always wanted to be. 2005-08-27 Saturday 11"58pm cc - Thank You, Lord, for having the tallow tree's dead limb be ready for plucking. It was/ as You know/ a bit tricky, but I did manage to pull it down without causing too much damage. 2005-08-29 Monday 11:11pm dc - At 64, I am a self-displaced Wisconsin poet. 2005-09-05 Monday Labor Day 9:41pm dc - While looking for something else over the last several days, I came across--in a school notebook-- an essay I apparently began on 04SEP1985. I do not have the time to enter it here now, but I will give its title: (Poetry): "Some Thoughts About Poetry from a Fledgling Seeker of Word Magic" 2005-09-09 Friday 11:01pm dc - "Hermetics" definition today. 2005-0-15 Thursday 8:11pm dc - Over at Tripod, my year-to-year "Brian's Brain" is my . . . [journal]. Here, my "Edges of Knowledge" unplanned autobiography is. [ 2008-07-10 note: Here is ThirdAge. ] . I am abruptly again, however, leaving here. My mind has been--by tonight's program--made curious about the life of Sol and of other stars. 2005-09-16 Friday 11:31pm cc - Goin'nuts agin as I usually do when I get too stressed. This spirit of mine is just too wound up, too like a knotted ball of yarn, too like a spinning beast of yearning. . . . 2005-09-18 Sunday 9:53pm cc - If every little thing that isn't perfect gets to you, then the only way to find peace is summoning up the courage to: kill perfection. 2005-09-20 Tuesday 8:06pm dc - For the last 2 days now I've not gone out into the yard. Perhaps tomorrow. I am sure that meanwhile the weeds are laughing. 2005-09-27 Tuesday 4:00pm dc - To hell with time; to hell with perfection. They have done more to keep me stressed than anything else I can think of; and yet, not being a natural genius, yea, dumb as I am-- nay, perhaps because dumb as I am-- I find it is not possible for me to cease battling with unyielding time; for me to cease wanting untouchable perfection. 2005-10-14 Friday 9:38pm dc - Hadn't had a mosquito in here for quite some while, but yesterday--one at a time as usual--got in here, the last one when my lunch arrived. I killed each of the first 3, but I do not know if I ever killed the 4th one. . I don't know if it's the Keppra I'm taking, or what, but all of a sudden I have been consistently hitting the wrong keys on my keyboard, especially the specialized ones. . [ 2008-07-10 note: That Keppra remark is interesting in that I am still on Keppra and that this year I seem to be having more problems/ hitting the/ right keys. ] 2005-10-23 Sunday 7:54pm - The other day I found a small but scary spider spinning a web in this drr's sink. . [ 2008-07-10 note: Recently I have killed at least six different kinds of spiders in this apartment. ] - Brian A. J. Salchert 2008-07-10 ekua19

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Edges of Knowledge 2005-06-11 Saturday 9:49pm cc/dc - Listened to "The Caravan"/ tonight. It was another special: this time a Tom Russell CD. Charles Bukowski and Little Jack Horton were at the center of it, but there were several others also, one of whom was the American Music Maverick, Harry Parch. Near the CD's end, the program (I think) also included a commentary on the CD. When the last track was playing, 2005-06-12 Sunday 9:08pm -- Happy Anniversary -- - (continuing from yesterday) That commentary apprised the listener he/she might experience an emotional ambivalence at the CD's end. One of the possibilities was: the listener might begin crying. As I am one quite prone to such a response, I bolstered myself. I had no idea, of course, what I might actually do. When the last track began, I realized it was being sung by a female, and that is was: "America, The Beautiful"; and that soft tears were forming behind my eyes. Obviously, Tom Russell loves this country; and as harsh as much of what he presents on his CD is, his choosing to have its final track be what it is/ certifies that every track on his CD is there because he loves this country, as his own commentaries through/out do make clear. . 11:41pm cc - At 11:32pm dc I was at an firewall info page. I ex[ect I will go back there tomorrow. Am still not sure, and I may run into the same block as I did with the Zone product. 2008-06-13 Monday 1:11pm cc/dc - Good afternoon, God. - Yesterday I finally changed my wall calendar from May to June. The calendar's hole for hanging is too small for the head of the nail in the wall, and I have always had a problem switching months because of that, but yesterday I decided to use one of my cuticle scissors to make a wee cut from the hole's top-- which is the hole's bottom when the page is turned up--in the June page. I also have an eight-inch metal crucifix hanging in front of the calendar. Because there are two storage boxes (which originally held packets of ketchup for a Chick-fil-A I had been employed at for a few months) along the wall there, and I am now around 4'11", the nail holding the calendar and crucifix is almost beyond my reach. So, I got the June page up; but I needed to get the crucifix back up, and I found that trying to get its big-enough ring to settle around the nail while I was holding that crucifix upright/ was only going to frustrate me. Luckily, I also found I still could reach high enough to turn the crucifix upside down. It took some patient doing, but with its ring hanging free, I was just able to get my left hand's index finger's nail-edge on that ring solidly enough to hold it back toward the wall so I could then slowly swing the crucifix clockwise down with my right hand. 2005-06-19 Sunday 9:15am cc/dc Father's Day - My obsession with numbers, and particularly my fetish with certain of them, seems to be holding a part of my brain in a maze trap. This morning I exited from the drr at 7:11am dc, and first looked at the wc at 7:41am; and when I looked a second time, it was 7:51am. It was 7:59am when I left the k, but 8:00am when I got back into the d. And then it was 8:17am dc, and later 8:50am; but it was 8:51am on the sbc and the wc. And then, moments ago, it was 9:32am on the dc. The current core fetish minutes are: 00, 16, 17, 32, 41 & 51. 2005-06-21 Tuesday 7:53pm cc/dc - And what number did I forget?: 11, of course. - Immediate karma. Two stories. 1. Some minutes ago I was in the kitchen eating a banana while--as I usually do there-- standing at the counter, and when I finished, I went about wrapping the remains up in the paper towelling I had placed it on; only, another section of paper towelling which was under that one began to come up with it; and the lizard in me popped up its head, its tongue flicking; and I began venting, spouting little nasties, as I untangled the two . . . sections and, talking to myself, settled down. But at the back edge of another sheet of towelling off to my left stood an 8 oz. plastic tumbler I had nearly filled with water and grape juice. As I turned to take the wrapped banana leavings over to the garbage basket, my left hand--because it was too free and I was not standing as straight as I ought to have been--tumbled/ my drink. Stunned, yet quite aware, I kept silent, thinking: Well, Jesus, I know You're trying to change me, but I--at which point I have Him interject: Yes, you dumb shit, but you just don't get it. I begin the long cleanup, which happened to involve 2 holy cards. Immediate Karma. [2. ???] 2005-06-25 Sunday 11:37pm cc - Such a strange person I am: so easily do I get aggravated; so relentlessly do I push on. 2005-06-27 Monday 12:02am cc - It was just midnight on the dc, or 00:00am (as I prefer to show it). I had been up at Sunday 19jun05 where I listed my signal numbers, but missed one (so I thought). I am now going to go back there to check again because I now suspect I missed two. I did! Not only did I miss 11, but also . . . missed 14, my nemesis #. . 7:11, 7:14, 7:16pm wc & 7:17pm dc yesterday. . . . . Big A-A yellow shirt #33 cell phone smooth white car? . A C. W. called regarding my epilepsy. We conversed for a fair while. . White car still directly outside my den window. It is 1:17pm dc. Chevrolet? . Because I had a hard thirst, I was at my shelving where my mostly water drinks rest. It was 3:52pm dc./ 4:11pm/ At 4:51pm I was watching through hard rain to see what the garbage guys would do with my garbage. They skipped it. I began wondering if they knew something I didn't: there is a bomb in it. That maybe on the other side a message reads: Do not open. I knew that perhaps they skipped it only because it was not obviously full. . After they left, I unplugged my computer, phone line, and TV. 5:11pm dc . 6:01pm - white car returned again - possibly for a third time, but parked in a different location. Perhaps it was a different car. 2005-06-29 Wednesday 9:24pm dc - It's incredible. After a long, tiring day, I--in the end--had to take a taxi home from Publix as MV ceased to oblige me. I do not know what I am going to do about them. And then there was the tall bloated elderly shopper who insisted I was sleeping (all the while he was shopping) in the chair I had been sitting on: a chair which was brought to me by one W-- for my comfort since there was no way of knowing how long I might have to wait for my ride. That accuser was, yes, partly right, but since I quickly realized there was no possibility of reasoning with him, I said, "Goodbye"; and went back into the store proper while he had his "mom"--unnecessarily--move the chair out of their way. . It's incredible. I arrived home at 5:55pm dc. Who knows. It is now 11:41pm cc. During all those minutes/ a set of phone rings occurred only one time: yes/ when I was sitting on the/ toilet. [. . .] 2005-06-30 Thursday 12:30 (or 00:30) am cc. - I won't be going to the peer group session at CIL twelve hours from now. . For the second day in a row/ the phone has rung while I was on the toilet. The time was around 4:23pm dc. . Aboust 8pm a white car stopped in front of my home. A fairly big A-A wearing an orange and black shirt with the number 27 on it/ got out. He placed an un- lit cigarette between his lips. He was carrying two filled plastic shopping bags. (One would guess/ food was in them.) The white car? It was an Acura. - Brian A. J. Salchert 2008-07-08 ekua18

Monday, July 7, 2008


Edges of Knowledge 2004-09-18 Saturday 3:59pm - ---from the 9-18-04 entries of my Capricorn Journal--- 3:13pm dc through 11:38pm dc . So you're gonna die. Everyone's gonna die. But is that really why ev'ry little thing/ upsets you/ . Why coldn't I stop? I don't know. Why couldn't I change course? I don't know that either. . 63; thus passing through my 64th year, I yet can often innovate, and re-innovate. Therefore, why sometimes . [do] I get mired in a/ harmful way of doing/ I can only attribute to/ a deranged self-awareness? . Those times when reason/ permeates my self-awareness regarding a particular, I can cease [doing] that which is harmful. . At least begin to. 2004-10-09 Saturday 10:40pm - In an offline place, today I took a first step toward outlining my life's oeuvres, if I am given the time to do so; and eventually toward presenting the extant majority of my writings under one title, if I am given the time to do so. 2004-10-21 Thursday 10:11pm - Deleted two screen names today. . . . [Three] remain. 2004-10-29 Friday 10:11pm - There are preliminary stories to what I am being moved to say here, but I am going to elide them. * What I wish to do is give a little sermon on the word "as" in The Lord's Parayer. That word, to me, has these meanings: 1. to the degree in which 2. in the manner of how. [ 2008-07-07: The "as" I was speaking of occurs in the passage: "And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us." ] * Further, "Vengeance is mine," saith the Lord; and "Whatsoever you shall do unto these, the least of My brethren, you do unto Me," Jesus said; and also, "Love your enemy." 2004-10-31 Sunday 10:06am - Further, do not forget Jesus's word's: "Father, forgive them; (for) they do not know what (it is) they do." 2005-01-05 Wednesday 12:41am - It may well be the bloggers rule the net, but just as they were becoming the power in online journalizing/ I was taking my journalizing powers into the offline. 2005-02-11 Friday 5:26pm dc / 5:30pm cc - Am considering opening a . . . [site] on which I will present a different creation of mine each day. I may, for instance, for all the seeming senselessness of it/ from certain vantage places, begin by presenting each of the 366 sonnets in my 1976. 2005-03-13 Sunday 7:20pm dc - Offline Capricorn Journal I was keeping is full. The hardbound notebook was, I believe, a gift from Janice years back.I am writing a short poem on an unlined page at the rear of the notebook. 2005-03-20 Sunday 10:54pm cc - An outline (a listing of titles) of my works which I've begun on some legal size yellow/ lined paper/ I am now intending to place here, but not tonight. 2005-03-23 Wednesday 1:43pm cc/dc - Am considering beginning a new page. I want to make an annotated outline of my writings. I know I will probably miss some, but I can always add them when I happen upon them. I any case, it seems appropriate to have them all on the same page. Besides, there continue to be new ones, and I think I will need the space. I know it will look cleaner. As to SAPLINGS, I may reveal exactly what I have, if I can find it. - Brian A. J. Salchert 2008-07-07 ekua17

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Edges of Knowledge Wednesday 2004-05-05 9:49pm - In a manilla folder I entitled "SAPLINGS" is a year-ordered list of my early poems, quite a number of which I--unhappily-- long ago lost. Thursday 2004-05-06 5:42pm - Since my self-confidence is often weak, relying on my willingness to learn and my need to persist (is)are the best I can do. Since the words I use and the order I use them in are often not for me alone, the best I can do in that regard is all that can be/ expected of me: A, B, C, D, F, Z. Tuesday 2004-06-01 5:08pm - Brian, do not keep rehearsing/ in your tetched mind how you screwed up when you failed to support that Ben Jonson poem in that Iowa literature class where the professor's testing put- down of it was so well voiced not a single student could properly voice a counter. It does not matter that the counter--which he himself in the end presented--was in your head. You simply lacked the "guts" to reveal it. That is the way you had always been, and that is the way you would likely be now, and that is the way you will be in the future, probably. Personalities stronger than yours (and there are many such) consistently intimidate you, and your knowing this is one of the root reasons you often feel you do not belong/ in this world. * As a sister-in-law of your used to say: "Throw him a fish." Friday 2004-06-04 5:35pm - Excerpt from 6-3-04 of Capricorn Journal: "The final doze seemed the longest/ and I did wake from it with my forehead in my food; and I thought: Oh no! I wonder what time it is: 9:41pm wc Aeh!!! One thing, though: the buzzing outside the door had stopt. Back in the den I hit 10:11pm. At 10:41pm dc I powered up. There's no use in fighting it anymore. All these events are unintentional, consciously." * Today has not been--we had our hard rains at noon, and it didn't help my body any. Nonetheless, about 4:50pm I decided to try going to Publix at noon tomorrow. Thursday 2004-06-10 7:38pm - Competition: As many times as I have embraced it, [it] has nearly always been a bane to me. I prefer to avoid it. Stop! Modulation, intonation, poetic risk. If I do not compete openly, I nonetheless do compete: against my priors, against present preferences, & (most importantly) against myself. Saturday 2004-07-17 2:07pm - COPD. Since I do not quite know where to start passing on to you--. I had some snail mail to get out. About 10am I did that. I also picked up another full box of mail, and another book. Returning home, a weakness flowed through my body, a weakness like none I had--COPD(?). On the way over there, a young girl with a much younger boy and their chips in their bags happened behind me, and she asked--as I was about to head up the mail station frontage--me if I was okay, if I needed help. Told her I had several diseases, and that because of one of them I was no longer able to stand straight. She said I almost fell over that bump (that bump being a yellow speed bump) back there. I told her I would be okay, and thanked her. She said I was welcome. * Spiders. (Thuncer, Rain, Lightning . . . 2:48pm cc) When I got to my door there was a thin longish unplain spider coursing up to the right of my door. As there are 1000+ species of USA spiders, and as there are moltings which sometimes involve color changes, and as I am not schooled in spider identification, I found a small but sustantial item of mail, and smashed it. For whatever reasons, I have been having more spider problems recently in and around this place than ever before. I am getting help controlling them, and that help appears to have actually helped/ especially by poisoning what spiders feed on. * Shortly after I was back in, I began feeling better. (It is cooler--a little--and drier; and, I suspect, a lot less polluted in here. I am using good filters with my heat pump.) So, I only partially sorted my mail. What did I do--or perhaps I should say what I found myself doing--was a sweep-through of the main bedroom and bathroom, the hallway connecting them to the kitchen, and the kitchen. I did see 2 spiders, maybe 3, along the way, but I didn't go after them. They seemed to be like ones I'd seen many times before in this place/ and had never had trouble from. They are usually on the floor near where they can hide. So far as I know, they do not make webs, at least not (if they do make webs) inconvenient ones. 2004-07-23 Friday 8:54pm - 7 bananas I had purchased, and now I was going to eat one; but when I turned I immediately saw/ one had acquired a black band on its cover. I went to my silverware box and pulled out--even though I knew I shouldn't be using it-- my paring knife (the one with wooden handle we had had for unknown sentimental years). An inch near beyond the band I severed that banana after I had with unusual difficulty separated it from its bunch. I found the skin supremely tough/ while the fruit within--while it seemed fine--lacked firmness. I thought I ought to check another, but with my spirit mate's paring knife (the longer sharper one with the red plastic handle we had had for fewer unknown sentimental years). I found it too did not fare well. So 7 bananas and 2 knives I wrapped together and sealed in a plastic storage bag, and placed in the kitchen garbage container. 2004-08-24 Tuesday 3:29pm dc - ...In the quiet of the Lord/ is open to/ ...the wisdom in/ ...persistence. ...In the quiet of the Lord. 2004-08-31 Tuesday 8:50pm - In my early 30's I officially came out, but during the course of the public years of it I did things I had told myself I would never do, and in so doing/ fiercely mocked my profession. I would tell you what they were, but I do not believe you would care to know them. Just let it be said I have often found it difficult to supress my emotions; and now my house is rotting away. And Frances is coming. And a rabid rat is gnawing at me. - Brian A. J. Salchert 2008-07-06 ekua16

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Against Despair Who can now forgive what I have done? Who can now forgive what I have done? Who can now forgive what I have done? He Whose Suh-un sent He Who is Love. He Whose Suh-un sent He Who is Love. He Whose Suh-un sent He Who is Love. - Brian A. J. Salchert 2008-07-05

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Am providing a link in this entry to a lengthy article about money which I just finished reading. The author of it is Dick Eastman, and the title of it is "Fed Is Just One Part Of Much Bigger Scam". [ Note: I am not a supporter of the candidate he prefers. ] This article is at The gist of what is in it/ you may know, but if you haven't read it, the valuable particulars in it you may not know. Those particulars are what make it worth reading. ..... - Brian A. J. Salchert 2008-07-02