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Sunday, November 5, 2006


Of My Personal Self and My Poet Self Due in part to my upbringing, in part to my INFP personality, in part to my small frail body, I have had to struggle to be self-confident. Were it not for my intellectual strength and numeralogically- verifiable willingness to take risks, and the human and other angels who have impacted my life, I would not be here. Still, my lack of self-confidence has many times hurt me and hurt others. During the past few years, years heavy with Internet learning, it seems my INFP self is moving toward becoming an ENFP self. When I was in the early grades, I used to climb to the topmost branches of a tall soft maple on our corner double lot and shake those branches so others would fear to come near me. In that I was foolishly bold. When I was in graduate school at The University of Iowa, I might well have gotten an A grade in one class instead of the C grade I did get, but the professor so successfully panned a poem by Ben Jonson, not one of us there could muster the self-confidence to stand against him. He, as you might have intuited, was testing us; and we all failed. Shortly before time expired, he told us why that poem was actually a superb poem. Knowing this to be true all along, I sunk in my seat and damned myself. - When I was 12, I thought I wanted to be an astro- physicist, though I was also into imaginative map- making and learning about flowers, birds, and wild kingdoms in general. I once tried to do an oil painting. I did write my first poem then, if you are open to calling it that. You can tell by its title, "The God-Created Milky Way", that it likely is a not-worth-much effort, but it is number one. Although I, not one who throws things away easily, have somehow lost twenty or so of my early efforts, here, in chronological order, are the titles (along with annotations) of the two I feel were the most important: "Woodland Shades" (which was published in a national high school anthology, and then in an issue of the Marquette Journal) "A Freedom Song for Southern Africa" (1960) - Sixteen personally significant later poems are: "To John Keats" "To Shakespeare" "Symphony" "Fond du Lac" "Snow" "The Mind Has Seasons Out of Time" "Doom" "Words for Walt" "Birthday Ribbons" "Apology of a Hypocrite" "At First to Poets" "Saying Good-bye" "Pride" "A Look In" "After the Apple" "The Forty-One Days of Kim" - Since 1973 I have been (unlike the majority of poets) reclusive, though not as Emily Dickinson or Lorine Niedecker were. My most ambitious work, written mostly in 1976, was originally 366 sonnets intended to be a kind of celebration of that bicentennial year. I entitled it 1976. That book, and Fond du Lac, Postures, and a slightly revised Rooted Sky--which had been published late in 1972--I published in the cassette medium in 1980 under my nascent Thinking Lizard imprint. I ascribed authorship to one family-history relevant Alden St. Cloud, a pen name I concocted. I then registered these publications with the Library of Congress, especially since I had acquired ISBNs for Thinking Lizard. Early in 1982, during a short stay in Austin, Texas, I published an actual Alden St. Cloud Thinking Lizard printed book containing some new poems, but mostly selected poems or parts of poems going back into my high school years. I don't recall how many copies I had made, but I think it was 25 or less. I entitled it First Pick. I then registered that book with the Library of Con- ress. In June of 1982, I and my wife companion moved to UF town. About a year or so later--again I do not exactly recall--I wrote "Alden St. Cloud's Prayer to the Rune", afterwhich I let Alden die. None of the books by that alter ego are currently available. Even the copy I have of the printed book is not a proper copy, though it is complete. I am being enticed by the WWW/Internet to place most of my writings online, but just the physical act of doing that would take me years, years I may not have. - Autobiographical update: Some of the poems in the above list will be included in a newly-born book entitled Venturings. Brian A. J. Salchert

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