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Monday, November 6, 2006


2 Poets: David Antin and Denise Levertov Late last night into early this morning I read the better part of a David Antin interview. Blessedly, he has a sharp mind, otherwise he would not be able to handle the threads of logic and intuition his talk performances require. It is difficult to do what he does, but he believes that as poetry began as an oral art/ so should it remain. His sense of poetry on the page is/ that it becomes drier and drier over time. I, as you may already know, do not have that sense; but due to the comic in me, I find what he does attractive. I even imagine myself now and again as an associative stand-up comedian, though if I ever do attempt to be one/ I will have my wee body brought on stage on a stretcher. An opposing view comes from the late Denise Levertov. She felt poems should be written with a pen or a pencil, then vocalized to catch "awkwardnesses". I tend to write mine that way. Lately I have been writing them on notepad paper. She further felt/ a poet should be in a kind of meditative silence when composing a poem, and that it is best if a reader is in a similar state. I believe imagination can be revealed and enjoyed in as many ways as one can imagine. - - - Two clarifications - Antin does not see himself as a stand-up comedian, but neither does he disparage humor. He would say one must go with the flow, or alter the flow as best seems fit. What he does is not automatic writing, although the quickness of his mind may sometimes make it seem so. The art he practices is highly active and interactive, and getting each passing moment right is the challenge. Unless one has a photographic memory, Antin must be caught on tape, a fact he fully realizes. Tape time is important, therefore, as well as is attention span and his intuition of the intelligence level of a given audience. Gather ye forces as ye may. . . . - Works resulting from some ways of imagining are not what I would class as poems, even if the authors of them think they are. Hey! I can be a versifier as easily as anyone else can. I've probably used all or part of the first line of "Mary Had a Little Lamb" a dozen times as a starting point to express another view. I have also done the like with other nursery rhymes. Once, when I read that Hamlet had a weight problem, I changed the famous "To be or not to be" soliloquy to: Tubby, or not tubby, "that is the question. Whether 'tis better to" go on a diet, or build a kite, and fly it. - I hope Shakespeare doesn't mind. = = = = = = = Sites to visit - antin.593 - (Nicholas O'Connell, interviewer) Brian A. J. Salchert

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