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Tuesday, November 7, 2006


Notes to Nowhere page 2 6-19 / 6-18 / 6-17 2006 Monday 2006-06-19 Note 1 = = = = Search for and read "Diary of a Parasite Sufferer". It is a learning experience well worth your time. Take notes for yourself and those you love, though hopefully you will never need to use them. - You may also wish to learn more on a closely-related topic: Morgellons Disease. If so, go to Linda Moulton Howe's and/or a diary on that skin parasite. - A spreading epidemic of parasitic troubles persists among us. * Note 2 = = = = This day is fast passing. The county south had heavy rains between 5 and 6pm. Luckily, the thunder from their storms reminded me I had some medicating to do, and led me to shut down my computer. A few minutes after I finished medicating, Delta called to inform me some changes to my July itinerary for my flights to Milwaukee and back had been made, with my return out of Milwaukee allowing several options. The woman representative started giving the available departure times, but I chose one before she had gotten to all of them. She then got my email address and sent the changes to me. I must say my experiences with Delta have so far been exceptional. Even though I did not request it, I learned today that I would be provided a wheelchair in both Atlanta and Milwaukee. I had requested one for Atlanta only. * Note 3 = = = = Spoke with my youngest sister this evening about the changes and about Dr. Wayne Dyer, and about my web locations, and about 2 pages at one of those locations. We also discussed other matters. - I could talk forever, if you let me. - The eldest of my two sisters told me (during a phone conversation with her some time ago) that when we were children I used to get up on the kitchen table and talk, talk, talk. I do not recall, but I do recall getting a paddling from my dad once for something I do not recall. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Sunday 2006-06-18 Note 1 = = = = Here I sit, rocking and rocking, rocking and rocking, on my towel-topped short stool, staring blankly at the cyber page I am typing on, assenting to/ my peculiar kind of/ on-the-edge autism. * Note 2 = = == Partly because it's a cloudy day, and partly because I had come to an impasse with what I was doing inside this place, I took a slow walk around the island section-- which is not surrounded by water by the way, but by roads-- of Candlelight Estates. From a half-block-away vantagearea, I gazed at my place, trying to determine how much debris my wind-shaken Chinese Tallow had sprayed on my roof. (My mobile abode has a house-type roof.) After I returned, I tried to sweep and rake off what I could. (Due to my illnesses I am not supposed to do any climbing. Besides, I do not own a regular ladder.) What I ended up doing was clearing from this lot I rent most of the twigs that were out there, placing them on this lot's empty concrete patio (empty because it became/ wrongly located when this home had to be pulled forward here after it was moved to this community because otherwise its roof would have been backed into the cedar behind it, and because I no longer own a vehicle, and because I am not supposed to cook either, and because it is not covered and I am not one who likes sitting out, and because, because, because--) as I normally do. * Note 3 = = = = It is a day of sighs and wondering. I'll be getting an inheritance from my father. Spoke with my youngest sister yesterday concerning it. I cannot take it all at once, and I may yet decide not to take the whole of my share. Either way, my sister will need to give it to me in small amounts, and I will need to find ways to spend it, at least until September. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Saturday 2006-06-17 Note 1 = = = = A time will come. A time will come. I may no longer be Earth-alive when it does; but I am deeply confident it will come; and I, poor spirit, will at that time be recognized. * Note 2 = = = = Yearning can be a torturous state. Yet, yearning is at the heart of all beginnings, and is the catalyst of all achievements, of all human ascendencies into radiance. * Note 3 = = = = Do not be afraid to weep; for a holy catharsis abides therein. So this world does not acknowledge your spirit. It does not matter. Many have passed: unknown, unknown. Be glad for each moment the universe allows you to enter, to transform--however slightly, and be transformed by. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ - Brian A. J. Salchert - Notes to Nowhere Contents - --

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