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Monday, January 8, 2007


[ Do not read this entry [947] without first reading the [946] warning entry before it: ] entry #946. - BAJS - - Rooted Sky 2007 - II. Dancing in the Void

Notes at the Watershed (Christmas Season, 1970-71) 1 The Past? The Classics? Separate yourselves from them. What Man was has nothing to do with what Man is. Separate yourselves. 2 We walked for hours along the stony trail trying to scare the hillsides with our whistles & yells punching each other's shoulders snapping twigs & booting toads In woods & fields sparrows thrushes warblers chittered hid We laughed at them & the summers scattered from us like frightened deer the rock we finally stood on subtly backed away the heavy sun melted into a pine-stubbled face Stripping in the still sultry air by the sudden pool we could not wait to swim we began to fight 3 T. S., Ez? Who are they, seeking to heap tradition on our backs, forcing our faces to root in mud? 4 Taken with Al's bleeding eyes Carmen jerked him upright by his hair & kneed his balls Al curled writhed the skin across his knees reddened his right side scratched & tore Carmen smirked then bending down pried apart the protective cup of Al's hands & dragged him by his fingers ass up to an oval of weeds Miguel Jason and I had stopped our tussling to watch we could not help 5 Turning and turning . . . Downward to darkness . . . (Is it all Irony, Opposition?) I saw my city . . . On the seventh day . . . 6 In the quickening shade - because of Rose Al & Carmen had been coming to this for weeks - Carmen swiftly released Al's hands grabbed his balls from behind crooked his left arm under Al's chin & swung him toward us Al attempted to curse & wriggle loose but Carmen tightened "Keep looking, pals" We wedged closer waited 7 1971 - and what? For nearly 30 years I do not know how things proceed creeping walking running climbing just that we are each alone & yet together hate love die live 8 Carmen! what you going to do!? I'm going to castrate this bastard No youcan't He's been messin' around with my Rose Jase & he's not gonna anymore Now get back No If you castrate Al you'll never get Rose so let him go Oh . . . get the hell out of here 9 Those hard moments when the ices seem most impervious are the lovliest ones We travel beyond our mightiest atom's expectations though we never move 10 Carmen was saved

------- [ "Notes at the Watershed (Christmas Season 1970-71)" was originally published in Wisconsin Review. ] - Brian A. J. Salchert

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