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Thursday, January 25, 2007

yd014 m01 w2 d7 AM 8:44 The second wave of the ice storm has passed. The third wave--which will be the worst in that it is expected we will get 1/2 inch more of ice and then sleet mixed with snow accumulating to 5 inches, and then below-freezing temp's for the rest of the week-- is due to arrive later today (Sunday) and to continue into Monday. Early this morning this building was without electricity for approximately 105 minutes. I decided to turn the heat off. About AM 3:32 the electricity came back on. I set the heat near 55. AM 8:55 It is presently set at 62. Similar to "my" heatpump system back in Gainesville, FL, the electric furnace here heats to about 4 degrees above what it is set at. --- Yesterday I turned my computer on and let Zone Alarm do its weekly scan. During that period of time I called Tom Montag and spoke with him for some while. I told him, among numerous other things, about the storm here. I also gave him my new address and my cell phone number, and told him I'd set up a deal with SBC Global for highspeed Internet service and that I should be getting equipment from them by Friday the 19th but that I had a feeling the bad weather might delay that. --- I did contact my sister, but have ever since been concerned about their decision to use the gas stove for heat at their place, but I am unable to get back to them. I suspect the call towers have been frozen dead. --- Before the storm, she brought over several items (along with the remainder of my food), one of which is a fancy screwdriver. Since then I have found my small hammer, my 1/4-inch foot-long screwdriver, my wire nippers, and my pliers I had been using in my mo-ho in G'ville for removing the caps from too- tightly-secured bottles of water. --- A longer electric outage may be in the offing. --- On the day I moved in I purchased a bed frame and a twin box spring and mattress, and an oak book-shelf-with-light headboard at Springfield's Mattress Outlet. My two nephews set it all up for me after one of them had brought it to this apartment complex in his pickup. Yesterday I found a good use for the box the bed frame had come in, placing it (though not quite all of it), after I had flattened it out, on the rug floor in the bedroom's closet. I did need to use a section of the plastic which had been wrapped around either the mattress or the box spring in order to cover the entire length of that closet. I then put items in there and closed the closet's folding doors. --- It is bright outside but solidly overcast. In spite of all the ice, birds are about. I've seen what appeared to be warblers. Earlier I heard a crow. --- Finally no more "Call failed" messages. I accessed a voicemail from my eldest sister, sent a voicemail back, and then called her. She is now, I am pleased to say, at Ronald's house. She told me to call our sister in Mobile. I told her I would, and that I had tried to earlier, but that that call also failed. I called my youngest sister immediately. We conversed a good while, mostly about the day I arrived here, at apartment 12. Brian A. J. Salchert

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