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Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Postures 2007 - 58 poems - 1963 into 1989 - Preview Postures was originally published in 1980 under my Thinking Lizard imprint and my Alden St. Cloud pen name as Side One and Side Two in the cassette medium. Several changes to it have been made since then, the latest of which is a revision to the ending of my "Symphony" poem, a revision I made today: 2007 031 02 1 3 or 2007-01-31. [ 02/06/07: I recently revised the aforementioned. I know it seems weird to be telling you this since I'm not showing here either that revision or the present one. My purpose is this: to emphasize my revisioning habit. ] From what I can tell, the 22 presently in S1 were written in 1963, 1964, and/or 1965. Two of the cassette S1 poems have been deleted. The 35 presently in S2 were written after 1965. Two of the cassette S2 poems have been deleted, but two others from its time period have been added: "To My Student Poets" and "Four for John Ashbery". Just as I am likely to revise anything I have written at any time, so also I may decide to add appropriate poems to this work. I have decided to place each poem on a separate page instead of placing all the poems in a given Side on one page. However, I will keep the Side format. [ On 9-18-07 I added a poem likely written in 1989. It is #23 on Side One. That could change, but for now this book has 58 poems. --09/19/07-- ] - Below is a possible cover design:

P O S T U R E S 2 0 0 7 O _ ) ? \ + - ( ! / 1 0 } . [ > < { : ] ^ v ~ ; | - Next is what I had for the inside cover: About Me, and About This Book There is too much to say, and not enough time to say it in. That is the first thing about me; for I am a Capricorn, and am ruled by Saturn. To say I am an insane eclectic hermit/ would not be improper. These are the 2nd, 3rd, 4th things. I am, after all, an epileptic who also has osteoporosis and other ailments. However, I'm not a danger, at least not in a bodily way, being the itsy- bitsy I am. My interests are words and numbers, and trying to be always kind, even if I/ sometimes/ fail to be. These are the 5th through the 12th. Am I not pretty silly? Don't laugh too long now, or you'll hurt your tummy. This volume of poems exemplifies what you have just read about me; but/ it was first written long ago and I, now, am 65. Changes-- constants that they are--ever rule; and so, alas, each who/ is Earth-alive/ must ever vie with them. Brian A. Salchert 2006-05-30

- - - - - Brian A. J. Salchert

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