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Sunday, April 22, 2007


Fond du Lac Three - Main Street: old battleground of needs and wants; watery eyes; of neon bullets, fingers; sales, investments; leases: our meeting place of years. Who swimming here, though well, can hook each piece to each, reveal the puzzle's order fashioned from parts so much alike, unlike: eshausts from trucks and buses, cinder dust, sirens, hearts, children, air-conditioned stores, broken mouths smearing an alley stair, smiles, the dance of/ indecision? All I see goes down and up, out and in, round and round, until summer, it seems, is/ because things exist, persist, at all. Looking through such knots of motion, a man might spit, prefer some woods to be hunted/ and bows of rain, though he's among those who also desire human touch. Main Street: at that down hour of two/ when more than half its lights are pulsing yellow, the fever in tourists' eyes, the drought in truckers' arms, a vacuum at the heart. Buildings appear a nerveless ligature then, as if without their cellular crowds, they were an asteroid's mountain range; or each a scab. The sun has tumbled into roofs and moved the minds of shoppers toward their homes and moved the Earth another hour toward death, warming the dusty stones to ninety-six at the First Fond du Lac National Bank. A quiet mother shades her babies deep in their dark green, nudges a turtle toy; then releasing the brake, rocks them, and ripples the way I came, like a word. Two older women toddle in front of Penny's shoe department, uneasy in their pillowed skins. The sign reads "walk". I taste their bobbing breasts, their sweat, as I meet them. Kids dash saltily by. Three bodies' lengths before me/ pigtails squeal; a pink girl whirls, slaps the arm and cheek of a tan brown-eyed boy, shrinking in his Bermuda blue-jeans. "Why don't you go back to California?" she snaps. A friend of his: (ochre sleeping across his eyes and clumping down his neck) in Greekish sandals, a spotted T-shirt, yellow madras shorts: resting his right hand on the ruffled boy's left shoulder, coolly says, "This town's tighter than vacuum seal--ay Whit?" Whit turns. "Man, I wish I had the wrist." "Hey you, what you so interestedin?" Man questions me. I shake my head and, as if in a daze, edge away; then, "He's just a bubble of air. Forget him." City, city: grand, expansive, seminal, macabre: the floor of a sea ridged with coral, speckled with/ wisps of fish, and gardened with anemone, how I would swim through you, would mix my heart and head in you, hold you entire; devour your parts, late summer city, gold chrysanthemum! Elbow to shoulder, smile to frown, a pound of Whitman's squished by a tire: how many bones scrape themselves against your rusting tin, town of shifting depths? how many reach to cleanse, to spray the plastic bandage on? ". . . get drunk. That'll keep your tubes warm. Better 'an jumpin' off a ledge or hangin' yourself." "Yah? Better than humpin' a broad?" Desire, Mexican fire bush, salvia, beet: none, I have none here, but One. Buildings, machines, people. If these are what we must explore, contend with--"Damn it, I tell ya, there is no God!" / "First niggers, now fags! Who the hell wants 'em?"--Main Street, Main Street, how can I not pray, not rebel? Fond du Lac: page 4 - Brian A. J. Salchert

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