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Sunday, April 22, 2007


Fond du Lac Nine - Snickering off, I pass George Webb's almost preconsciously while biting into a piece of log cabin. The temperature stretches itself yet along the pebbles of my perspiration. In Geyber's: pearls and diamonds. Greta, Greta, not till now, one thought of you. Buenos Aires shivers. A Germ--. Christ, help us; there's no returning. The bus depot's arch reminds me that the buses meet now farther north; that the blind woman passing me perceives, perhaps, as well as I. Shall each minute experience, Greta (girl too easy to love), progress a man toward tunnel vision, give him surer proof of his infinity? Will this slim lady's purple hat/ become an nth example, then, to dogmatize some prejudice? What matters it. Ten - O crammed profusion! City? Puke. I yawp and gawk, read that "The Fortune Cookie" will click at/ the theatre before me; inhale the warmth of marigold popcorn some kids are buying in the carmel shop next door; image the night a friend/ pissed on a walk-- there was no wind. And who is strong enough to care. A barber pole. This headline squawks: "Sharp VC attack"--why not. I squint at men and words that/ advocate a Faith/ I do not understand. Here is a bar, there is another jewelry store, and there's a novelty shop. Things as they are. But what? what can we say we know, we feel, believe? The Arcade: bowling. So the skulls have rolled, the hard, black balls of human power and skill; so Main Street flicks, a space of free electrons, vomit, song. Pressing against the gases, flesh and cloth seem dying blades of algae, caught in a thick brook, disparate, desperate. I wave at a brown convertible, friends of mine. The driver honks. Shouts and whistles disturb his radio into the semi trembling the parked car beside me; across this shoal I oscillate through, in the bone-tight weeds of a storefront display, a plastic car-- aPlymouth by Revell--interests me, bends my nose to a pane again. Above an HO switcher, and three rubber perch, a scum-green monster doll: who thinks to scare me in--I would suppose--to save that engine or/ to delight my younger sister's coming birthday: presides. But I am not impressed. Outside the Arcade, three boys and a girl chatter through smoke: "--what she did to o' Lou, I'd never want to--" "Remember Chris? Well, she's finally getting a divorce!" "From Sambo?!" "Yeh." "You know, I always thought that guy--" Pulling the wooden, heavy door open, I move up the stairs. Pins are falling. I listen for the strikes. A housewives' league. On alley nine a woman like a plum hops to the line. Her black and blue ball bumps, rolls two-thirds of the lane/ quite straight, then hooks to the left, tipping only the seven pin. On alley six a slimmer gal lightly glides to the line, letting her ball, barely heard, go swiftly down the lane. The pins all jump/ into the pit. Her teammates cheer, applaud. Another tray of beer goes out to ten. Some of the wives are packing. My thumb sticks in a thumbhole. I pluck it out, and head back down the stairs just as a green balloon and a laughing girl appear beside those four I overheard when--"But Linn, what makes you so positive Chris will keep her kids?" "I know her, numby. She will." "Okay, she will." "Look, Rudy, Chris and I were buds. . . ." The green balloon floats back, and a passing nun's smile, dipping into the little girl, pleases her. As they round the bandying group, they arouse in me St. Mary's and how nervously I wade along Main. Sand jets from the gutter, turns and jabs at me. My left eye itches, sinks; flounders back up. Fond du Lac: page 7 - Brian A. J. Salchert

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