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Sunday, April 22, 2007


Fond du Lac Fourteen - Whoever you are, bronze man on a bronze horse (statue beyond Scott), I do not care. Behind you salvia spark, cannas blaze; and cushions of chrysanthemums . . . just leaves. City, city. Here, along the boulevard's vertebrae: evergreen to evergreen to Lakeside Park, I feel beginnings mixed with ends; relief, and none. The Red Owl supermarket. Fond du Lac's infamous Outdoor. Fade it. Some say there's a law of entropy too. What are we: puddles of peristent darkness, toads? Fifteen - I can't--that engine!: old, retired, and on display-- make out its--. There!: Soo Line 613. And the red kiddie train, whistling; the swings-- my pumping heart--metronoming; shouts, laughter; the teeter-totters, gymnast arms; cheered sky! Sixteen - From this island of pfitzer junipers and arborvitae/ where a car may loop to "cruise the gut" again; ease through the park to the "big hole" harbor, the beacon point; or fishtail toward Lakeside to be, Main Street divides. Touching/ a blue-gray cone, I pass to the left; cover/ the fronts of my shoes with a beige film, popping a stone at a pole. Toward the south, smoke (where the sun spreads) begins to lemon and pinken; a near tree crackles; the planet burns. What good am I? That mouse, for instance, jittering into the weeds, it--! Damn. The gravel shadows to ash, the breeze shifts, and the wealth of Stinky Point / and a bridge longed for, dreams in the air, ghost / greet me. Confusion, ten thousand dead carp of aeration, you have stifled me well. On the lake-edge rocks, a couple fish, kiss; near them, grade school boys. So it is: we come, wiggle haphazardly, go. Even if-- leaping at the neck of a goldenrod, a bee warms its hind legs with yellow muffs, then journeys south. All I need to do is step through those reeds. Between the elders there-- what's that? An early nighthawk! Strange cry. The water cannot be too deep out there: no deeper than he glides now, over it-- two-and-a half men tall; yet deep enough to die in. But I?  Each shown argument can be destroyed, disturbed, and all the buds of chrysanthemums, seas. Weeds. Weeds, if I rub you wrongly, you will cut. Still, I could tear you from your lives. But why? Because you will never bloom the ways I want you to? From the river's shore, two black guys, slim, young. . . . Behind me, weeds, moves a city, ofwhich I am a part: baffled, weak, but a part; and my reachings too--nighthawk in the twigs. Blade of quack, ragweed: the grasps of this seedling elm may exceed yours by miles, but no choices, no uncertainties. Alchemists of slime, should I demand this weed do this tree's work? avaunt? crow like a rooster? Dirty mouth, Fond du Lac River. Bullheads! Haven't I fallen? Do your think your shallowness better than mine? City. What time, what time is it, city? Bury your minds, ripples of weeds, jazz. Was I to know? Tell me, tiger-bee, was I? . . . Wah! git! git away! -- God! / Whirred world, will we never stop screeching, never live? [ 2 publication notes: - A portion of Fond du Lac, here sections "Eight" and "Nine" and the first 21 lines of section "Ten", was originally published in the Wisconsin Review. - Section "Two" and most of what is now section "Seven" along with several other passages were presented in Steve Trott's "Poet captures taste of Fond du Lac in his work"/ published in The Reporter, Monday, April 27, 1981. ] Brian A. J. Salchert

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