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Friday, April 27, 2007


Autobio In the beginning was the nerd (which rhymes with "word"), and I was that nerd. So, it all began with nursery rhymes, and then there was Poe (because we had a set of his works in our house); but the first poet I consciously tried to learn from was Charles Peguy, which was while I was in high school. Later in high school, Roman poets were an influence, particularly Publius Vergilius Maro. During my only year at the physical Marquette University/ Dante Alighieri became the center of my attention. I wrote a term paper about him. During my less than two seminary years, Gerard Manley Hopkins held sway. Then it was on to numerous others: Shakespeare (of course) being one of them, but Keats was the one who most entranced me. In 1962 I wrote a sonnet to each of them. Though "Ozymandias" cleaved to the farawayness in my soul, I was more drawn to Shelley's statement about poets being the "unacknowledged legislators of the world" than I was to his poems. Later it was T. S. Eliot, both for his intelligence and sonority. Prufrock? There were moments when I saw myself as a kind of Prufrock. To me "The Wasteland" was on a par with Igor Stravinky's "Rite of Spring" and "The Firebird": too innovative to readily appreciate. The meditative flow of "The Four Quartets"/ however/ spoke deeply to me. My "The Mind Has Seasons Out of Time" villanelle was one result of Eliot's influence. Auden was another influence, as were numerous others, many of whom were not English-language poets. I will say this: trying to/ imitate Hopkins/ is a venial sin. For the most part I did not attempt to imitate any other writer. There were special instances, though. Four poets in those situations were: Vachel Lindsay, Dylan Thomas, Walt Whitman, and Emily Dickinson. Although I may be wrong, I tend to see myself as a writer who is difficult to locate, especially when one considers how easily I went from continuing my tightly rhymed Onefor fantasy epic to creating my loose blank verse Fond du Lac lyric narrative. It could be said of me: He sure was (and is) willing to/ take risks. Brian A. J. Salchert

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