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Monday, May 7, 2007


Justan Tamarind: Book I e12 Establishments of public speech: The House Of Ordinaries and The Royal House Of Princes. The nearest to the cliff And furthest north was visioned by the spouse Of Moiland's first known king, Crean, as if His name had to be preserved, though his years Were quickly grayed with fogs of myth Which, since the Tamarind line began, his peers Have known reveal untruth, yet keep. Four tiers, Nevertheless, acclaim his primacy-- His being first to cross the Norax Sea And rock the Moi-Rog Ocean with his ships, His being first to plant the chortled Tree And let the name of Moiland from his lips On this then barbarous soil, his being first, And therefore king, of all these heights and crypts; His being first to turn from what was cursed, To leave old Urop at its hardened worst, Confused beyond a thousand years, to start A new existence in a wilder part, But freer, of this earth where men increase, Or die from weakness in the living art. And on those tiers, growing shall never cease, For conifers and flowers, bushes And deciduous trees, each with its lease From the Maker on each year's time, pushes Then toward greenness above the varied mushes Of liverworts and mosses that have grown Through every space between the Elcon stone From which that monument was built: the same White stone whose absence left this cliff, long known To hunters from Leoma and to the game They stalk/ along the Eribon spur, beyond Its edge; where, after Crean came With six armed men who were kiddishly fond Of trampling foreign woods, the spring-formed pond, Bright Eribon's source, lay ribboned with blood. So Crean reigned with Di, from cloud to mud, And never knew what she would raise to him, And never knew what limestone wall would bud Near the end of that spur of dastard whim, At the top of which, as the tale goes, A band of seven stripped themselves, to swim In a just-discovered pond below the snows Of Nareb. Only Crean's blade arose. Brian A. J. Salchert

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