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Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Justan Tamarind: Book I e18 Has come. Great Moiland shall not have a king, But kings; for while the source of power yet springs From Justan, people, soon the source of power, As I have said, will spring from you. What things Will then occur, what roses then will flower, What thorns, shall be/ your responsibilities. With Aethea volcanic at this hour And Urop solid once again, and these Fair stahts uncharged potentialities, The grave, internal revolution, here To be officially begun, is fear Transmuted into acts by which this land Shall save itself, or die. And there's no bier More sad to gaze at or to understand Than one which holds a nation, because it Walked on too proudly to extend its hand, Because it could not change--for lack of wit, Because its people were divorced from it." With this, the bold and fiery Hugh again Moves back/ to take his place among the men Of/ The House of Princes, while on the ledge, Where Saul and Parth were watching these/ when I last looked, only Saul remains/ to wedge ----- human flesh in the Eribon spur, To speculate; and now, standing/ near the edge Of the royal platform, Seth, stirring the air Aimlessly, speaks, sharply questioning: "Were We, were we less--these princes and I-- For not seeing, for not understanding why Our Moiland would profit by change? Yes; For the mind of Man progresses, and the eye Of rule must watch, so the rule may progress, Not lag/ too far behind. Our present king, Good representatives, who will address You now, is yet/ best for us. Let ayes ring For him, as Yuston suggests." "Aye." "Your king." "When, in this Age of Crises, kingdoms fall, Their bodies burned beyond reclaim, recall, And mankind suffers for mankind's mistakes, Our duty's not to weep upon a pall; But build from/ what is--for our children's sakes. I thought there was a glory in my throne Which would not/ be removed: that Justan wakes And sleeps; and yet is so admired in bone, In heart, that no man would/ think to groan Brian A. J. Salchert

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