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Thursday, June 7, 2007


June 2007 [ For about two weeks a brief somewhat humorous performance poem has been in my head. Of the numerous times I've performed it there, none has been an exact repeat of any other. I make extensive hand and arm motions whenever I imagine myself doing it. It is not a piece which belongs on a page, but this entry will be an attempt to show it. It is essentially tonal. If I present it well enough, its modulations may come through. There are 2 voices in it, with the 2nd voice being the major voice, a voice which is trying to raise the mood of the 1st voice. If anyone reading this wants to attempt to perform it, go ahead. Just let it be known where the online version of it is. Spacing represents pauses. Repeated letters indicate the length of time a related sound should be held. For instance, "ahhhhhh" would be "ah" held 6 times as long. There is, however, no absolute requirement. My main hope is you will be able to get the feel of it from how I reveal it. Open field theory applies here. ] Down Up FIRST VOICE Aboogudah. Aboogudah aboogudah aboogudah. SECOND VOICE Aboogudah? Nay. Ahh heeyee. Ah ree dah do dah dee dah ree ah ree dah do dah dee dah ree ah ree dah do dah dee dah yee ah ree dah do dah dee dah yii lah lah ah ah lah lah ah ah dah ah dah ah ah yee ah dee ah yee ah dee dah ah dah ah ah yee ah dee ah yee ah dee ah yee ah yiiiiii ohwah ohwah ohwah ohwah hooo hooo hooo hooo hooo wee dee wee ahh wee dee wee eee yeahah yeahah ahhhhhh yahhhhhh Arringadah arringadah arringadah ringadah ringadah ee ee ii ii ee ee ii ii oohooh oohooh oohooh oohooh lahhh lahhh lahhh lahhh yeee yeee yeee yeee iiii iiii ahhhhhhhh Arringadah FIRST VOICE Aboogadah. Kentucky State Poetry Society Brian A. J. Salchert

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