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Monday, July 2, 2007


The Undulant Trees [ Beneath this note are two poems concerning incidents which took place several years apart, and about which I am only partially aware. Both sets of incidents were in mobile home (mo-ho) communities. To my knowledge the events in the first mo-ho community do not relate to those in the second. ] Mo-Ho Community 1's Story That quiet day as I walked toward where the mailboxes were/ on the patio of the long brown mo-ho two young tall blacks held a shorter black upside down. At the patio's far end, seated on a chair, was a white teen who'd been a neighbor of ours. Though I didn't count them, there were in all about seven young blacks, one of whom was the group's sentinel; but no one else was in sight, and I was just passing by. ~ Mo-Ho Community 2's Story 1 On a day I had a need to speak with the manager/ two tall slender guys, one with a basketball, were waiting for something near the office. The basketball guy seemed half black half white, and the other seemed nearly all white. I learned they were going to be living in a mo-ho toward the end of the street which ran north from the mailboxes. 2 A month or so later, just after I'd gotten my mail, a teen black whom I had once met and briefly spoken with and came to know/ some things about, was heading to the corner mo-ho across the street where a friend of his lived. He paid no attention to me; and I, curious, decided to delay my walk home. Once he'd/ alerted his friend, he quickly strode back to his place, which was one or two mo-ho's north of where the new guys lived. As he turned off the street into his yard, he lowered his jeans so far they nearly slid to the bottoms of his yellow/brown boxers. Then I saw that block distant another young black/ facing me. For a moment we scanned each other, and I made/ no move toward him. 3 About two months (or so it seemed) after that/ while I was again conversing with the manager, I was told the two young guys had moved,  and had defaulted on their lease. It was either that day or several days later Irevealed to the manager what I suspected had occurred, though I knew what I knew proved nothing. 4 What I did know was that the central figure was a student at a high school I had twice been in because of tropical storms. One evening, while online, I went to that school's web site and did some fruitless searching, but found an error on its home page. Early/ on another day when I was by the office/ I had a chance to speak with that school's student about whom I knew some things, and I did speak with him. I told him of the error on his school's home page. - Little Pieces Brian A. J. Salchert

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