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[6-16-2009 Update Insert: Most of what is in this space is now moot. I found out what I was doing wrong and have reinstated Archives and Labels searches. They do work. However, in certain cases you may prefer Labels to Archives. Example: 1976 Today begins in November of 2006 and concludes in December of 2006, but there are other related posts in other months. Note: Labels only shows 20 posts at a time. There are 21 hubs, making 21 (which is for 1976 Today) an older hub.] ********************************* to my online poems and song lyrics using Archives. Use hubs for finding archival locations but do not link through them. Originally an AOL Journal, where the archive system was nothing like the system here, this blog was migrated from there to here in October of 2008. Today (Memorial/Veteran's Day, May 25, 2009) I discovered a glitch when trying to use a Blogger archive. Now, it may be template-related, but I am unable to return to S M or to the dashboard once I am in the Archives. Therefore, I've decided on this approach: a month-by-month post guide. The sw you see in the codes here stood for Salchert's Weblog when I began it in November of 2006. It later became Sprintedon Hollow. AOL provided what were called entry numbers, but they weren't consistent, and they didn't begin at the first cardinal number. That is why the numbers after "sw" came to be part of a post's code. ************** Here then is the month-by-month post guide: *2006* November: 00001 through 00046 - December: 00047 through 00056 -- *2007* January: 00057 through 00137 - February: 00138 through 00241 - March: 00242 through 00295 - April: 00296 through 00356 - May: 00357 through 00437 - June: 00438 through 00527 - July: 00528 though 00550 - August: 00551 through 00610 - September: 00611 through 00625 - October: 00626 through 00657 - November: 00658 through 00729 - December: 00730 through 00762 -- *2008* January: 00763 through 00791 - February: 00792 through 00826 - March: 00827 through 00849 - April: 00850 through 00872 - May: 00873 through 00907 - June: 00908 through 00931 - July: 00932 through 00955 - August: 00956 through 00993 - September 00994 through 01005 - October: 01006 through 01007 - November: 01008 through 01011 - December: 01012 through 01014 -- *2009* January: 01015 through 01021 - February: 01022 through 01028 - March: 01029 through 01033 - April: 01034 through 01036 - May: 01037 through 01044 - ******************************************************* 1976 Today: 2006/11 and 2006/12 -- Rooted Sky 2007: 2007/01/00063rsc -- Postures 2007: 2007/01/sw00137pc -- Sets: 2007/02/sw00215sgc -- Venturings: 2007/03/00216vc -- The Undulant Trees: 2007/03/00266utc -- This Day's Poem: 2007/03/00267tdpc -- Autobio: 2007/04/sw00316ac -- Fond du Lac: 2007/04/00339fdl -- Justan Tamarind: 2007/05/sw00366jtc -- Prayers in December: 2007/05/sw00393pindc -- June 2007: 2007/06/sw00440junec -- Seminary: 2007/07/sw00533semc -- Scatterings: 2008/08/00958sc ** Song Lyrics: 2008/02/sw00797slc ********** 2009-06-02: Have set S M to show 200 posts per page. Unfortunately, you will need to scroll to nearly the bottom of a page to get to the next older/newer page.


Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Sprintedon Tracker (st) This is replacing As It Happens. Wodan speaks, but not here yet. He is riding in from the west/southwest. The day is overcast. The full moon hides. The dgd means dumpster ghost day. Recent events have been a bit odd. Due to an Archambeau post about copyright and intellectual property and poetic sensibility, and to a lengthy Jacket interview: Jerome Rothenberg responding to questions from Nina Zivancevic, it was about midnight before I raised myself into bed, and shortly thereafter the resident in the apartment above came home. I awoke a little after 2 AM, and as I was hungry, I ate a cup of blueberry yogurt. I awoke again at what I thought was 4:41 but when I got back to bed my cellphone clock said 6:58. I was certain (?) I had not had a seizure. The medication I have been taking for nearly three years has kept me seizure-free. I doubt I was abducted since even aliens chortle when they hear my name. I guess I just read the time wrong. At AM 9:20, Wodan spoke once; and since I had other things to do, I shut this virtual-access system down. It is now AM 10:31. The wan sunlight is no longer wan, but the layer of clouds persists. There is a football-like green patch over Joplin headed this way. [ Note: Robert Archambeau's post is dated: tuesday, september 25, 2007 and its title is: Intellectual Property and the Invention of the Poet ] - Three nights ago, not wanting to read from any of the books at hand, I went to my meager library and pulled out Sylvia Plath's Ariel. I had last read it years ago. "Lady Lazarus" and "Daddy" remain my favorites. I found myself afterwards internally imitating her often curt sentences and insistent rhythms and hard-biting rhymes. - The English language is messed up. Therefore, I've recently been tooling with the problems inherent in the she-he-they sector. I have fixed those problems (annoyances), but my fix is not likely to appeal to many, if to any. A she-he fix I support has existed for a number of years. I do not know who first used it. It is: s/he. Two reasons I like this are rooted in biology. Another reason is its compactness. - If I counted correctly, there are 18 poems in my Autobio group. I'm not sure what to do about them, but I'm against adding more. What's there could be considered a small e-chap. So a links page to them may be the best solution. ------------------------- Death of a Student, Chapter 2 by Wick Sloane I first became aware of above when I visited Silliman's Blog today. I do not want to say what Sloane wrote, but everyone should read it. - Brian A. J. Salchert

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