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Thursday, October 11, 2007


Seminary 1 Written in 1961, this is the first of three elegies on spiritual life for which revisions exist into November of 1965. One day perhaps. I was a novice in a Jesuit Seminary in Minnesota at that time. These elegies are passing strange. I know not how to premise them. - - - Aerual Three years my life in essence lost When mortal hate my senses took, And darkness hid a once pure soul That slipped and fell--the bridge not crossed. As pages from a sacred book Were ripped, These raven powers, April grasses, stole. Thus Aerual my spirit left; My angel wept new unborn tears. What Hates loomed above the shell As Pluto stole the happy maid. A markèd black so quickly spread Throughout the fort where she did dwell It fell corrupt, all life bereft. The added thrust to twisted thought Which fed upon Satanic bread Entangled spring, though barren dead. O Aerual, O Aerual, I've cast thee from thy only home, I've battered down your humble wall; I've sent you sand on which to roam. What deed more dark? What deed more dark? No longer can my pencil move. (The heavy cloud that hides me now Will not a further thought allow, Till quiet rest the zephyr prove.) How lost, awaited zephyr, was my life: A soul in death, the fort of flesh Sand-slaved by sand-enslaving airs. (How sad: how sad the very thought Of loss, the loss of Aerual, The thought of loss, the loss of Aerual.) Such repetitious sorrow; And yet, such sorrow does repeat. Harken then, thou joyous zephyr, rest; To you I elegize my life, My Aerual, the donum dat. I lived, a man, a child in Christ; My ways were children's ways-- Abundant tears, imagined fears, Excited smiles, and happy whiles. My play was children's play-- Mud pies, and castles formed from sand. My joys were children's joys-- A festive time, the trees, the wind. In dreams; in acts, I was a boy. A member, one, but lastly, none: From living town, Love-freed by free and loving grace, To desert fort, Sand-slaved by sand-enslaving airs, My being clothed in night did fall Away, a nomad all alone. O Aerual, O Aerual, I've castthee from thy only home. To rest among the April grass, To move with men of life and light, To work beneath the vernal sun; To live where spring eternal grew Were all alone an innocent's delight. But now delight by newer path Has satisfaction found-- A path of death and burning ground. But first, before this path it took, "Twas Aerual that led the way-- The way of free and loving grace, The narrow path, the open way. How quickly life did fall away! A soul; a body maketh man. The first by grace, his being, vivifies; The last by dust, his being, fortifies. This last was then the home, the fort Wherein my Aerual within The first did find abode and made Alive the whole, the total man. From this abode the maiden Aerual, While leading me across the bridge, Was forced to flee, and I to drown withal. In Pluto's arms was she, and I in desert-sea. An innocent, a child of God, Impeded self in growth to grow. A child of God, when spring was full, Impeded self, his growth to know. Emblazoned now upon his heart Were Pluto's glossy, raven words. And thus he trudged the Stygian trail Enfolding night around his home; Expelling light from its abode. An empty shell, the home of flesh, A fort corrupt, on sand appeared. No mere mirage, this fort bereft Of all released by spring. Reality besmeared with grime-- A monument of dust to time, To time ephemeral. A passing night enjoins the whole And empty is the dawning's role. But yesterday a splendid fort; Today a dune protects the site-- A monument of sand to night, To night unchangeable. Within the body reigns a soul, Abode of Aerual, but/ The soul is dead; the body dust, For Aerual from home was thrust. O Aerual, O Aerual, I've battered down your humble wall. The fort, a stronghold physical, A stronghold true, and yet a fort Surmountable, was overcome, Because its life interred Exposed a vapid, empty 'hold To desert's bold, relentless dust. The mystery of midnight airs Across the barren wastes insued; Its weird and wild cacophonies, Charged perplexities of demented joy, Caught sands and dashed the wall With Vandalic force, levelling all. Unmeasured miles the eerie storm Expressed a power ominous. With morbid moans and strident screams Implanting fears within my heart, It raged and razed the ramparts strong, Unleashed wrath of Satan's art. Amid the primal blooms of spring: Anemone and daffodils, My Aerual, that maiden pure, Was wont to live; to be with God. Upon the ivied garden wall She rested still, unrestinggrace. In her repose/ the action/ did abound; Her quietude is one/ of love/ unbound; 'Though still, is ne'er inactive found. Within this tranquil state of act, I also sat with Aerual. Together we enjoyed the view Which spoke of God's exceeding love: The flowers fair, the gentle wafts Of balmy spring's Aeolian air, The olive meads bedecked with dew, Each nascent blade in beauty born And silver-spanned by spider webs; The faithful trees that burgeon new In wooded vales, on wind-swept wolds. Above this peace serene, Apollo's flaming chariot Made hot the wall which she did grace. As Aerual's companion true, I also/ sat upon the ivied stone Enthralled by spring; engrossed in spring, The wonderment that filled the earth With multitudes of living things. The heat of day intense became Upon the humble wall, So Aerual, and I for shame, Were forced to leap. Forsaken rock, A rampart built of flesh for man, In solitude you wait for death. Prevailing westerlies arise And all the air, a turbulence, foretells. The reigning sun, a common pact With Vulcan, now decrees; Incarcerates the hapless realm By sending rays of whitened heat. Portentous calm engenders fear, While darkness, the horizon, hides. Then massive clouds of whirling dust Appear above the western plain. They muster force from angered winds, They roll and toss in frenzied ire, They ebonize the occident In every part that strikes the eyes; They tumble towards the noon-day fire. Tempestuous groans from distant dark Obtrude upon my fearful ears And louder, louder, louder grow, Resounding kettledrums Of monstrous clouds in thunderous roll. A whipping wind invades the place Where Aerual and I remain. It snaps the limbs of stately elms And twists the willows' tender boughs. Beneath the/ burning heat and drying wind, The vernal season's verdant vigour wans. Behold, the umbered ivy dies! Ironic laughs of dirging dust's Blackened bowls inurn my soul And lacerate the garden wall, The fort of flesh, the desert dune. Apollo's oft triumphant car Is lost behind Satanic clouds Of hellish rage. Enslaving all the rites of spring, The savage tempest roars and whines; It claws and gnaws; it reigns as king, A tyrant wrought in dire designs. He rules the depths of mortal death, "Tis Pluto; and the ebon bowls, his robes. To dust the garden wall descends Beneath the/ grinding sand, The jewels on the robes of Dis. A worthless dune the wall becomes Beneath the black abyss of hate, The rising storm of lethal fate. Unearthly cries transpierce the night When witches mouth theirwailings weird As oracles of 'pending blight-- A moment's madness, eternal loss. In trembling and timidity I shuddered; torn between myself, Retreated from the crumbled wall. And running far from Aerual, To her disclosed my pavid state. I hid my face, abashèd thing; In shame I veiled my countenance. Within my veins a heated hate Arose against the Source/ of Aerual, And as the roiling haze, The color and the aspect of despair, Whipped and wheeled 'round about, My life, my Aerual, in sorrow fled. So battered is the humble wall. O Aerual, O Aerual, I've sent you sand on which to roam. Depravèd wretch was I, my bowels wrung By bitter gall. My only food Was rank, Satanic bread, the storm Of boiling ire and all the waste Abounding in its sordid wake. An adamantine land of stark aridity Deposing vital spring's enrobed viridity Alone remains, a masticated realm New-ground by teeth imbibed with hate. Thus Aerual, the highest grace, By thieving cast from soul, the fort In wasting storms became a/ desert dune; I/ fell, and falling, died. Seminary book intro / links to poems ------------------------- Elegy - Brian A. J. Salchert

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