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Thursday, October 25, 2007


So much for yesterday's 7:55 record: woke last today at 8:02; but was up till nearly midnight trying to read the 56 comments beneath one of Stan Apps's recent posts. Quite interesting, all of it centered around Stan's gardist categorizations. At some point, a voice in me, 'minding me of Shakespeare, said: "Avaunt, gourd." This morning, when that thought returned, this thought followed: It could be said every new poetic voice (no matter how weak or imitative) is a kind of avant-garde/ in that each maker is unique// and each made thing is perforce unique due to the unfathomable set of concurrences which fostered, nurtured, imbued, and birthed it. Perhaps such poets as Rimbaud and Stein are obvious exemplars of newness, but right now all of us virtuals are engaged in the construction of a communal new. If you really want an avant, wait until Robert Jastrow's prediction of a fourth physical fold of the human brain encasing the present cortex appears. - Best rain chance this evening. At the moment, AM 11:24, it is windy clear. PM 1:22 - Clouds have taken over. - Though the English language is--in some ways--drear, lacking nuances present in certain other languages [ here Nicholas Manning's thought about other languages makes me feel we need to strive to prevent languages from disappearing and to (if we can) resurrect those which have disappeared ], English is a word-accretion / form-changing language. Witness "s/he": a form someone first used which is slowly garnering general acceptance. The Internet has spawned/ English- language changes, but English has some inherent flaws a radical re- visioning of it would eliminate. That, however, is a book some AI being may one day write. For now, this: I do believe, if one is open to it, thoughts can enter one's consciousness directly from the Universe (meaning God or some other higher intelligence). Dreams have been/ sources. Still, nothing that comes from an imperfect being is sourceless. Most of what comes is a reconfiguration / reconceptualization of what is already known. I could point to myself for examples of all of this, but why should I. Each person has his or her [ the existence of "his" and "her" stand as proofs of what is inherently askew in the English language ] own examples. Irony is "big" these days, but irony has a negative aspect: it tends to negate honest humor and thusly to promote taking oneself too seriously, which is the door to insanity. Let us have our arguments; but let us loosen up, which (hopefully) allows me to say: I enjoy J B's "Vallejo says hi!" - ------------------------- regarding Hugo Ball and dada phonetic poetry, first scroll down to NOTES - Brian A. J. Salchert

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