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Wednesday, November 14, 2007


[ Note: Though not exactly as they were, each following section was once a page in AOL Hometown, a space I've left. ] In the King's Garden Chamber (This is a place for rumination and/ lumination) Very few of us ever get how sacred each new moment is. And of those among us who do, it is often (sadly) when we are well along in our earth passage. I, Brian Salchert, am 59 (in my 60th year therefore), and I tell you I feel akin to the cross thief who told Jesus that he believed; but, I am/ not yet dead. I am, however, by the going dominant standard, deep in a cave/ with little water and less light. Hope? Did I hear a voice? Ah, there it is! Nab it! Someonce in my childhood I/ made up a word: rhodingeedaddee. It was for me then/ magical/ in its silliness. It was jester's word, and I was the jester. And I was the jester. And I was the jester. Small, sensitive, sexually/ and intellectually different, I was not then nor am I now at ease with/ most humans. So now what? As I stroll here I am indelibly aware of the hard disgrace waiting nigh. But I must not slip, not quit, not cry. If my dreaming stops, however foolish, what then? Ground me, Lord. Lead me into and unto Thyself through whatever pain. Teach me--under this melancholic robe I wear--when to play, when to pray, when to perspire; for human/ I am in a body that must be cared for if I in this body am ever to be holy, am ever to know that "by the sweat of of thy brow" is not a curse. A dream is only as vibrant as the dreamer is. Darkness enters. Heal my night. * * * * * Brian of Ibnar* * Ibnar is my name jumbled. A great length of days after I jumbled it, I recognized in it a new name for God: I-Before-Now-After-Remain. Later I learned Ibnar is a real first name, but I had already used in several ways, ways I eventually discarded. The name for God my spirit clings to. § Entrances and Exits It is late, and Sirius hangs in the Dipper's eye. There is a precipiceat my spirit's edge/ I know not how to cast away. So if you meet me by- and-by, a bone or two upon a shore, remember only those who know/ what they must know/ are fit to risk/ where few survive. Where I Am Today In an atom space far inside is a joyous child this May's first Sunday, andmostly because that crazed adult--whose spirit is not high-- last night with reserved for two years hence a domain called Such craggy creviced errors he yet has/ made along, what chance he has is far and far and far; but he is bent on it. ** on it. * it. Where Are You Today Here, perhaps; and if so, did you know that the founders of that wild republic named The United States// did not condemn the revolutionary ardor which garnered them their freedom? It is well there in their Declaration, how- ever carefully presented. * * * Another thought. Why is it that so many hold the second ammendment to be holy? Is it because it rightly is; or is it because it passes a power to the each and every, however distant/ from the moguls of power? - Brian A. J. Salchert


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