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Friday, February 8, 2008


Seminary On the Feast of Saint Agnes The dawn arose enrobed in ruby-red; Above the winter scene her mantle spread. Relentless as undaunted forest flames This glowing garb of dawn exclaims Her youthful joy more racily Today than when it first burned readily As if to char that purity of day Which stood with uncontested sway O'er frozen mounds of clayey earth That yet lay hard beneath that hearth Of awing love, the mystic Orient Wherein a new Aurora wisely spent Herself, while frozen earth and barren trees And heavy clouds looked on. From there, inanimates of dead despair, No praising but their stoic presence there. Alone, this humble dawn did dare arise To day which never end espies, But for the sun which was her life And came to strengthen her in strife Of nature born as would consume itself, Like giant fires that soon become an elf Of light. So, strong, she stood amid the blaze Ascending round; her heart did raise, Another dawn, partaking full Of that same heat which would to heaven pull Both dawn and heart. Appearing then apart, Although warm glowed the Father's art To prove it otherwise, this dawn Proceeding heavenward was drawn By Yahweh's stalwart sun to strive to melt The ice within the ground but found it felt No heat, whatever its intensity, But rather that proximity Of such resplendent beauty froze The more the frozen earth, for Satan chose To harden it with his Dantean berg. The barren trees, their web-like hands Outstretched to break the rolling lands' Horizons, bent aback the flow Of rufous hues on dawning's robe to show Indignant hate and pride that did abide Within these knotty nets wherein would hide Decay. The heavy clouds hung high As yet, reflecting, 'cross the sky A glory that could never die, though death They willed this dawn to meet. Her final breath She'd soon complete when down would run Those leopard clouds, eclipse her Sun Towards whom she fled, and watch dawn die Till time no more its rhythm could sustain And all was naught but that which felt of pain. Enduring all, Saint Agnes, all did gain. Jan. 20, 1962 Brian Salchert, N.S.J. - Brian A. J. Salchert

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