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Thursday, March 6, 2008


Edges of Knowledge Thursday 2003-08-28 - Passing through difficult hours (days). After eating my "Meals on Wheels" gift this noon, I made a second call to J. L. at E. S., telling him I was about to take a rest because I was still tired from the 9:15pm Tuesday and the 9:15pm Wednesday difficulties-- all of which may be true but now seems to me not accurate in the details/ as I "think" I am getting my days mixed up. At 3:11pm I was awakened by tromping winds. I noted the A/C was on and a small branch with new leaves from my "drop-drop" tree was in the lot next to the back steps. That the thermostat temp read above 80 surprised me some since I felt cold, but I let it be. I went to the den, then into the restroom; then unplugged the three lines I routinely unplug when a heavy storm is about. I then got into my jacket and returned to the kitchen/ where I opened a tube of Ritz crackers, removing eight to a bowl. Back in the den/ I took my multivitamin with water and those crackers. The storm tromped on and no new one seemed likely to take its place; so at 4:11pm I plugged/ up again. Saturday 2003-08-30 - Janice--several years ago--told me to throw away the 2 heart-shaped Valentine balloons on sticks/ I had stationed at the top corners of the metal shelving here in the den nearest the doorway to the living area/ no matter they had not in the least deflated. (The Sam-set for 4:14pm Topamax watch is waking the creatures asleep on the sofa-bed.) At last I did: first to a waste basket near the TV, and today to the large kitchen basket, where--after a time--I removed their sticks, lightly knifed their internal inflations, and quartered their poles. Pride, Jesus, You know how I am beset with/ a dikydak pride. Monday 2003-09-01 - Admittedly, I had been considering doing so for some time, but yesterday--by a curious yet binding turn of activities, I took my spirit to St. Augustine and his Confessions. The web-site I decided to enter--. If it happens you are not aware 32 is a central number in my life, and, 16, collaterally is--. According to the information given there, Augustine of Hippo was 32 when he became a true Christ-follower--a conversion his mother St. Monica had been praying for for many years--and also that one of the chapters in his autobiofraphy centers on his 16th year. Sunday 2003-09-14 - [ Note: this entry consists of two poems, both of which are now in my in-progress Venturings book of mostly poems. Therefore, I'm going to place links to each of them here instead of placing each poem here. ] A Cardinal of Consciousness ***** *** *** ***** Sunday 2003-09-21 - Yesterday, after not having done so in a long while, I washed my hair; and J. C., with the aid of another, started building a shed. I'd planned to go out, but I was so tired. I fell asleep several times during lunch. One time/ I tried to highlight/ a few front hairs with sardine oil. It didn't occur to me until today that 9, 20, & 3 add to 32, and 32 adds to 5. I have a semi-habit of checking the heat pump thermostat before going to bed. Sometimes I turn it off. I don't have it set to blow warm. Normally it will start between 10am and 1pm. I knew it was going to much sooner this morning because the temp stayed high last night. At 7:11 (by this den's clock) it came on. Sprinkles!: 10:39am. Three scoops of yogurt and a slice of blue pie replaced my usual breakfast this morning. Another strange day: as most are. I might be back. Friday 2003-09-26 - Nothing - Brian A. J. Salchert

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