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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


d = decision If no changes that matter have occurred, when voting day for the next president of the these endangered United States comes, Senator John McCain (a politician I have liked at times over the years, but for whom I/ will not vote then) will be the Republican candidate; and either Senator Barrack Obama or Senator Hillary Clinton (neither of whom is a politician who sells what I would prefer to buy then) will be the Democratic candidate; and there will be outsider candidates. If someone could prove to me that an outsider candidate I would be willing to vote for then/ will have at that time a reasonable chance of winning, I would vote for that person. Yesterday over at Common Dreams I read Obama Is Right by Katrina vanden Heuvel and many of the comments. In one of those comments was the conclusion that a vote for an outsider candidate would in effect be a vote for McCain, that is if/ that vote/ would have been cast for the Democratic candidate otherwise. I agree. Therefore, aside from not voting, I will vote for whichever senator is the Democratic candidate. The central reason men gathered to form this nation was the tyranny of King George III. What besets this nation now, and indeed the world, is oligarchic tyrrany based on the so-called free market system. President Eisenhower, who had he felt as comfortable in his statesman role as he felt in his military role (difficult as that was) would likely have made some significant salutary changes, warned us about this. Given how insidiously the ruling powers have trapped those being ruled, it is hard to know what to do about our incarceration. After all, it is not totally odious. One could make, little by little, moves toward self-sufficiency, and wait for the overlord system to collapse; but then what? One could hasten its downfall by supporting only the clean and green, of which ethanol is not a part. See Care2 but avoid its petitions area. One could help promote, organize, and then convene a Peoples Congress. I, for one, would like to know what those who do not vote and those who've been disenfranchised think, even if as a group their opinions mirror the opinions of those whose votes do count. Two aspects of collusional oligarchic power which sadden me most are how easily it can eliminate what threatens it and/or how easily it can co-opt an adversarial creation. Alexander Hamilton was killed by Aaron Burr in a duel, but Hamilton's spirit (wherever it is) must be so excited it's about to pop/ out of its hiding place. At Wikipedia is this quick biography of Hamilton. Brian A. J. Salchert 2008-04-15


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