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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Scatterings Chess About the game of chess I know: the queen alone most wields the power--not the knights (for all their fancy moving), not the bishops (fervently diagonal), not the rooks (uniquely armed), and surely not the pawns (gutsy munchkins)--that moves their king if, once in battle, moved he'll be, and king indeed, well served, exalt thereby his queen, think generously of his loyal pawns, alive and dead, and his jousting knights, urged and decorated; his adjutant rooks; validate the blessings of his bishops who, false or true, represent Belief; are bishops to the masses. Better to be a blessed king, however dependent upon one's rooks and the holy mobility of one's queen and the valors of one's sacred knights and one's solace in having fearless pawns no matter they be middling: just pawns, than one unblessed. O transcendental bishops, the thought of whom inspires a kingdom's knights and clasps a cape of wonder on its king! But, ah, the eyes of the goddess, the queen, and the deft straight movements of the deep rooks! What graces out of these! Always a rook's intrigue captures, readying behind the pawns to be a last defense with the piercing queen long after, perhaps, the ingenuous bishops have gone; to be a fortress for its king after the earth inters his bloodied knights if not our memories of them. Those knights I'd often be, and have, and am; those rooks, venturing for and enclosing my king, whoever / whatever; and the squat pawns too; and the slicing, nebulous bishops; and that feudal jewel above all, his queen. Though lost be his knights and squiring pawns and castling rooks and angling bishops, what a joyous king with a constant queen! (10-16-82) - Brian A. J. Salchert 2008-08-12


naperdillygirl said...

You are very talented....have you published? N.

thinkinglizard said...

Yes, but not consistently, because I drifted into
other interests at various times, and because I
tired of the writer-to-editor relatiionships.  So
here is where I am publishing now.  Am pleased
you liked what you read.  I just made two
changes in this "Chess" piece.