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Monday, November 13, 2006


The Undulant Trees Guess what I found today in an old manila folder? Poems of mine gathered under the title: Saplings. Here are four of them. Note: there is a mild skinny-dipping scene in the fourth one. = = = Janice, Often, To the bidding of my memory, I have Turned again To fields and certain City streets, expecting to Recapture A lost intensity, a vision of My self-- A depth, a light, a heart; Yet, how usual, that Arrival for renewal, Scared by bees, Or made to shiver in a fog. But now, Having floated inches North and south by bus and train And been Separated By a hundred twists, I am happy to return, Happy As falling snow, As daffodils Becoming. * Poetry Is a magazine, A journal That sings A mile A minute Right down The middle Of every page, And swings. I do not like That magazine, But I read it. 1964 or 1965 * To Lord Byron I don't like the "sonnet" either, Byron, And neither do most of my contemporaries. I guess it offers little for us to spire on, And so, thirstless dromedaries, We cross that desert form with quiet ease. We do not grunt against the meter's weight Or the rhymes' persistent grinding and heat: The dunes will change, and slavery's out of date. If one could finish though what he's begun, Letting each want of nature drive him hard; Not be a camel (where day and night seem one) That floats, and will not chance its jars to shard, But balks against its fate and turns upon it; Yet safely arrives, perhaps he'd write a sonnet. *

What is a word, & what further? If I say "rain", what do you think, feel, live through again? Do you remember standing in it, laughing, or another time, cursing, or or naked in its passing coolness calling it diamonds of sunlight as though it wasn't rain at all, however slick it made your skin & the wild rock your feet clutched at the canyon swimhole? Or do you picture mud, blood, a casket being slowly lowered? Or do you just run inside? 2-6-88

- Brian A. J. Salchert

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