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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Not a Quiet Day Today even though it began more quietly than usual because I forgot to set the alarm on my bedside clock, which normally would not matter/ since I usual awaken an hour or so before it goes off; but today God said: Brian needs/ more sleep; so we are going to let him get some. I awoke at AM 8:17. After that, though, the morning quickly got interesting. Don't recall why, but after taking my vitamin C/ I turned my computer on. Maybe it was to find my "Symphony" poem. It is PM 10:00 now, and not many minutes ago I did revise its closing lines. I had set it off from the poems surrounding it. It is on a page in my documents which I've only begun to edit. At any rate, just as I was finishing, the woman who comes here once each week to help with housework/ called. She said she would arrive about 9:30, nearly an hour earlier than she had been arriving; but since I was expecting a visit from a couple who wanted to see my mo-ho as they were considering buying it, I told her it was okay for her to come then. I had told my younger sister to send me money, and then not to; and then this morning I called her to tell her to send some, but soon changed my mind about that again. I am still undecided. Shortly after the homemaker left, the couple came. Back in 1986 Janice and I chose to buy this Redman because we liked its design. The kitchen and the living areas are separated by a counter which has cupboard space on the kitchen side and a lanky-L shelf toward the living area side where stools or high chairs could be placed. The resulting openness is immediately attractive to those who have seen it. That couple decided before they left that they wanted to buy my home. Then the pest control man, who sprays around the outside of this mo-ho drove up. I had two glue traps from his company which I decided to give to him, and a plastic bag in which crazy me had put a dead spider and what was left of a wasp's nest. Not long after he left, I called my sister in Missouri to let her know what was going on. I think I called her about four times today. I also went online for whatever, which is where I was when the Meals-on- Wheels man showed. I attempted to eat and use the computer at the same time. I do not oftendo that. Somewhere amidst what I was doing, I made several calls, and received several. One was from the man who heads an organization which helps people in need who are under the age of 65. A doctor I'd had told me about/ his organization, and I received aid from it for over four years. Later the husband returned to make a down payment. We worked out a quicky contract/receipt, which I immediately took over to the manager's office to get three copies of it made. There is a catch we both hope will not be a problem, and that is that my home needs to be inspected for moveability and whatever else because the buyer intends to move it out of this county. I hope the inspector arrives soon, and that my place passes. If it does not, however, there is another person who wants to buy it, and that person will not be moving it. - Tomorrow I go grocery shopping for the last time here in UF town. Brian A. J. Salchert

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