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Saturday, October 13, 2007


Seminary 2 Written in 1961, this is the second of three elegies on spiritual life. Spiriel To dusty depths declined, A desert dune, a transient creature formed And blown away by midnight winds, My fort of flesh was last reduced. But Spiriel, immortal soul, Deprived of ivory-orbing grace, Dwelled in damp and fog; In mossy muck and mires Of mortal-wounding death. Here stood my soul: A fountain in the rampart's court. Then Spiriel fell: A weedy, muddied desert hole. (Imagination quickly tires When ponderous thoughts Impose an equal sorrow Upon the inner man.) So dark became the pool Of Spiriel, the calm And clear reflection Of Almighty God, When that transparent, unseen grace, The life of life from Life, Returned to Him Who makes; Who gives and justly takes. O Spiriel, O Spiriel, I've sentenced thee to deepest hell. And now objective musing Does recall The hidden truth within Those once insurgent entities Which long subjective musing Would forestall: The turbid nimbus Of deep, unchecked desires A fatal poison pours. Exciting thus emotions Causing melancholy moods, Recharged imagination Excogitates this mighty, Interrogative reproach: Insane instant, What thought of gain Aroused your blind approach? What happiness abides Within infernal fires? Do thou answer me or not? Oh, how my heart evaporates Beneath the torrid streams of gloom, Desperation and despair, As dew beneath the summer sun. I am weak, so weak. O my soul, how black you are! How coal-like are your waters; The pool of life, How putrid and defiled it is! My life is but a nigrous stench. Would that my skin were night And my soul were white. Return, return, I cry aloud. Return, O purest grace. From mirky dungeons I petition your attention. Bend your ear To the yearnings of my voice. My suffering heart entreats You: Come, my soul's sweet life. Dear Faith, at least you still Remain to keep me near To that Forsaken One Of Whom my mouth did form This phrase: Tolle! Tolle! Crucifige eum. Through you I wish to pray To Him, beseeching Him With mercy-seeking tears. Be thou my messenger, My wing├Ęd Mercury. Confusion conquers Spiriel. Hurry, Faith! Hurry to theSon of Man Whom I have crucified. Beseech Him. Beseech Him E're I lose thee. Beseech Him: Have mercy. So pusillanimous am I. My soul, why did I let you die? O wondrous, fruitful man-growth, Exceeding beauty have you, But he who understands this not Has labored to enslave you. Impelled by need for happiness This juvenile misused a good And hurled that holy thing Back into God's all-loving face. I am that youth. O Spiriel, Where is the radiant light of grace; Where is your vivifying friend, The creature God extends To fill the souls of reborn men? A natural gift was wrongly used; A supernatural gift diffused, No, more than this-- It was expelled, cast out Before/ a laughing viper's hiss. Timidity, you weakling. Unchanneled curiosity, You devil in disguise. Begone, double fault! Attempt, attempt-- Attempt what? So depressed is my spirit, I can not free myself; I cannot escape the hands of filth Nor tear the heavy shades of night. My soul, O my soul, Unceasing are my tears-- Dewdrops of despair Condensed by inner emptiness:-- And yet my course remains Unchanged, remains unchanged. O desolation unsurpassed! Seminary book intro / links to poems ------------------------- Spirit - Brian A. J. Salchert

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