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Sunday, November 11, 2007


Seminary Jesus Bound O those wounds with which we wounded Him Through which He heals our wounds--this Jesus bound. Lo! e'en the silence streams as strident sound. O languishing alliterations--lapped On each like sea-swoln tongues that taste the sand, A searing sand, to lapse in death beneath The seeming petant rush of other tongues; Alike the lethal lash whose lick would limn Licentiousness in blood upon the Man, Inflaming Man; would fall to rise again-- Momentous motions, mountain movers, march, Forever march, in solid starward step Across the blood-red Back that bridged the years, A radiant rainbow arch Redemption bent, As men in one Man unified through death. Indeed, let ev'ry man now bind himself Against that pillar cold where he can feel The unrelenting ripping off of flesh Imposed by sin. In this compassionate. Low bend, yea, unto creeping bend, and weep; True nothingness is everything too deep. So we, as godly men, must grow to naught By being bound in love with Boundlessness, Receiving only injury and hate Like naked slaves or criminals depraved, Which wretched ruck in truth we are though He Be innocent. Thus to descend is need: The deed is duty. But the duty done Is saintly sleep. Full freedom reigns all-pure In atmospheres of that Paternal Will Alone/ through which the dying sun sends rays Of sanguine light to rend the sinful veil That men might see, to fill the cup of life That men might grow, to vivify the air That men might breathe more freedom still and find The ropes that bind, the ropes that free, the ropes That ever shall unite weak man with Christ, Who being pillar-bound is bound to all Things good which bend pursuit of happiness Towards God. Conjoin us each in You to posts Of suffering, our "Father of the world To come," where drumming, brutal scourgings bruise Our body fleshes unto humbleness, Where each expectant pause between the beats Is pregnant with the blare of trumpet fears That echo down the caverns of our ears And rumble 'round the mending rooms of thought: The deed is duty. But a duty done By none but freedom-breathing sons to whom At last the silence strides as holy sleep, A vigil-rest caught in/ the Pillared One. ------------------------- There are moments I call God moments, and today a link on Silliman's Blog to an article by Veronica Whitty about Francis Thompson allowed me to experience several such moments. - Brian A. J. Salchert

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