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Sunday, November 11, 2007


Seminary Untainted Ewe Untainted Ewe to mother lambs Within the world-derided fold; To intercede for every sheep Imperiled now by night and cold, Of you the story great is told: A nigrous night, the wicked world, Was round, and wound and bound The sordid orb with serpent skin, A shedding minding men of sin; The heavy darkness built A blacker monument to win For Hell, where liquid fires spilt, An earth already devil-downed. Then, when the time of fullness came, Dappled dawn defeated shame That conquered centuries did claim, And turquoise day broke free Above the mountain, marsh, and lea; Unbound, in peace a newer name Was echoed through the blue Gold-effusèd sky: Mary, A simple psalm so sweetly sung From whence the world's Glory sprung To kiss a cedar cross and die. In childhood, O Mary pure, You grew in grace beneath the eye Of providential vigilance: In humble silence, abundance-filled; In patience did your soul o'erflow That only you could ever know A motherhood Unparalleled in final good Or in beginning love. Thus through Your bosom all creatures were remade, Recharged with love, swayed From above; whole-holied, Untainted Ewe. Immaculate you ever were; No sinful stain your soul to blur Was found to be within: Virgin-white, transparent-thin, Alofted air-borne snow, new-grown Merino fleece, thistle down wind-blown, A solitary star of Sirius's mould Transpierced and permeated bold That being bent by God's will told, As if no angel need appear To whisper it in Mary's ear: A child shall your womb soon bear, God's only Son placed in your care; Fear not, O Virgin full of grace; From lo the Spirit shall this take place, Namèd Jesus to save the human race. Yet Gabriel this message brought To speak what Mary never thought. Upon the meadow knoll, Among the rainbow grasses stroll The lambs and all the sheep That daily grow, leap and sleep, Or sometimes wander far 'Neath stalwart sun and twinkling star Till, O that Mother-Ewe Unstained! as if she knew, Would come and find her stray; Would find and show the way Again, within the Blood-won flock: Purging-path-pointed, Heaven-headed flock, Warmed by the rays of a fiery light That rides on a solar sea Burning as the prayer of a mystic, love-bright, Caught in an ecstasy, Caressed by the breeze at play in the trees; At play with a myriad bees; Held by the clover till daytime is over And the birds to their nests all fly, While the Maker ofnight Builds His cities of light Through the vaulted abyss of the sky. (But if in the dark Wild nimbus embark With tempestuous rage unknown, The timorous fold To Mary can hold For peace as full as her own.) To Bethlehem cave when winter frost, Tenacious fingers heavily laid Upon; frigid-fixed and icèd-crossed On silent soil, solid-cold, made Unrested treks more wearisome, Did not the spouse and Mary come That Jesus might in humbleness Be born, swaddling-shod, and nothing more? She knew the wrack of trial; The tears that tribulation brings, Yet hers is a peace-filled smile; A Magniicat she ever sings. Fear not the tempest-slashèd skies Or rumbling, thunderous cumuli That roll therein. Betake To our Untainted Ewe Your sin-suffering soul; The sorrow your heart endures. Mistake Not the words she utters to you Amid the fold upon the knoll: Be poor and love, and peace is yours. In silence wrapped did Mary live, Full-joyed when she, her love, could give From Bethlehem to Nazareth To Calvary: one rising breath Of lung-bursting virtue; A heart-rending issue Of virgin-bonded blood. Where blooms the meadow's rosebud, The Lamb of God is found With His Untainted Mother-Ewe Through whom all things are crowned, Created new, Made sound, Upraised true; Angel choirs confound. On bloody, cedar-crossèd Calvary This Lamb, Himself did sacrifice To end, oh man's marked misery, With life renewed; and though this should suffice, He gave Himself as food the eve before: Eternal sustenance--a wondrous wine And beauteous bread, boundless gifts Of glory-winning grace to home incline The path traversed by man, by man who drifts So easily from Him he should adore-- Forever-food, new manna made For all the sheep that sleep and leap Within the world-derided fold, That sleep in Mary's arms when cold As Jesus crucified was gently laid On Mary's lap, and she, Not one to weep, In mystic visions deep, The wisdom-work of God could see Through all its shrouded mystery; That leap round Mary's feet As Jesus did at Nazareth, And then, as now, she felt His final breath And caught Him up to rest Against her heaving breast Where seeming hard defeat Was victory complete, And she, in prayer, thendwelt Upon her Son Till time was done And He had won. His death--our life, And limbo rife With joy sprung free Upon eternity; and He Arose in resurrected glow Of light, as winter snow, (Reflecting rays of sun, Gold-glancing glitters spun Through cloudless atmospheres To dry earth's tears,) In primal air-borne fall Is cherub-pure: and all Reminds of Easter morn And Christ's footfall, The hope of men reborn, At love's first call Straight-turned towards her Who mothered Him to stir This Virgin's sinless soul, This Taintless Ewe upon the knoll, With love that should forever grow To strengthen straying sheep below; Alone in wild, tumultuous blow, The raging thief of day, of day Returned when men to Mary pray: O Virgin wrapped in timelessness, The Mother of my God and me, Lead onward through the world's duress This lamb that would to heaven flee. Untainted Ewe, remember me, Your little lamb on bended knee, And guide to life's eternity This flock you bound in Unity By willing that in humbleness Which God proposed to work through thee, And fold in meadow happiness This flock you bind in Holiness By willing that in charity Which God must yet through thee express; Thus causing God the globe to bless, And every man to give no less Than highest praise in poetry, The poetry of prayerfulness. April, 1962 revision Brian Salchert, N.S.J. ------------------------- Blessed Virgin - Brian A. J. Salchert

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