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[6-16-2009 Update Insert: Most of what is in this space is now moot. I found out what I was doing wrong and have reinstated Archives and Labels searches. They do work. However, in certain cases you may prefer Labels to Archives. Example: 1976 Today begins in November of 2006 and concludes in December of 2006, but there are other related posts in other months. Note: Labels only shows 20 posts at a time. There are 21 hubs, making 21 (which is for 1976 Today) an older hub.] ********************************* to my online poems and song lyrics using Archives. Use hubs for finding archival locations but do not link through them. Originally an AOL Journal, where the archive system was nothing like the system here, this blog was migrated from there to here in October of 2008. Today (Memorial/Veteran's Day, May 25, 2009) I discovered a glitch when trying to use a Blogger archive. Now, it may be template-related, but I am unable to return to S M or to the dashboard once I am in the Archives. Therefore, I've decided on this approach: a month-by-month post guide. The sw you see in the codes here stood for Salchert's Weblog when I began it in November of 2006. It later became Sprintedon Hollow. AOL provided what were called entry numbers, but they weren't consistent, and they didn't begin at the first cardinal number. That is why the numbers after "sw" came to be part of a post's code. ************** Here then is the month-by-month post guide: *2006* November: 00001 through 00046 - December: 00047 through 00056 -- *2007* January: 00057 through 00137 - February: 00138 through 00241 - March: 00242 through 00295 - April: 00296 through 00356 - May: 00357 through 00437 - June: 00438 through 00527 - July: 00528 though 00550 - August: 00551 through 00610 - September: 00611 through 00625 - October: 00626 through 00657 - November: 00658 through 00729 - December: 00730 through 00762 -- *2008* January: 00763 through 00791 - February: 00792 through 00826 - March: 00827 through 00849 - April: 00850 through 00872 - May: 00873 through 00907 - June: 00908 through 00931 - July: 00932 through 00955 - August: 00956 through 00993 - September 00994 through 01005 - October: 01006 through 01007 - November: 01008 through 01011 - December: 01012 through 01014 -- *2009* January: 01015 through 01021 - February: 01022 through 01028 - March: 01029 through 01033 - April: 01034 through 01036 - May: 01037 through 01044 - ******************************************************* 1976 Today: 2006/11 and 2006/12 -- Rooted Sky 2007: 2007/01/00063rsc -- Postures 2007: 2007/01/sw00137pc -- Sets: 2007/02/sw00215sgc -- Venturings: 2007/03/00216vc -- The Undulant Trees: 2007/03/00266utc -- This Day's Poem: 2007/03/00267tdpc -- Autobio: 2007/04/sw00316ac -- Fond du Lac: 2007/04/00339fdl -- Justan Tamarind: 2007/05/sw00366jtc -- Prayers in December: 2007/05/sw00393pindc -- June 2007: 2007/06/sw00440junec -- Seminary: 2007/07/sw00533semc -- Scatterings: 2008/08/00958sc ** Song Lyrics: 2008/02/sw00797slc ********** 2009-06-02: Have set S M to show 200 posts per page. Unfortunately, you will need to scroll to nearly the bottom of a page to get to the next older/newer page.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Edges of Knowledge Thursday 2001-02-15 6:12pm - God save me. Tuesday 2001-04-03 5:12pm - If there is a way, a right way for me to go, let me find it. Tuesday 2001-04-10 - Find me, oh Lord, Lost as I am. Find me, oh Lord; rescue this lamb. In the fields, In the yards, In the streams, Find me, oh Lord. Find me, oh Lord. Make wise my dreams. Friday 2001-06-08 - Reality. Reality, Brian. Do you know what it is? Sunday 2001-07-01 4:55pm - Thank You, God, for every moment of my life; but I simply cannot make it as a worthwhile human in this current fast-paced world. Every time I am under pressure in a business environment I find I am almost always unable to make right decisions. Actually, my ability to make right decisions is in general markedly weak. --- Wisdom: it is as if that gift for me is only mine in a dream. --- Therefore, God, since it appears that if I have a passion for anything, it is a passion for writing; so writing is what I am going to concentrate on. I realize that even in so doing I may be wasting my time, may be making another poor decision; but, You tell me, what else can I do? Wednesday 2001-07-04 12:32pm - All the horrid errors I have made. Just how many are there? And are they all forgivable? Thursday 2001-07-05 11:53am - God, what a serendipitous morning You provided me at Mainstreet Chevrolet while my '98 Metro LSI was getting its 7500-mile checkup/ what with the presence of the blue convertible Corvair there on the showroom floor to immediately remind me of that day long ago when I was one of several in Jack F's Corvair ripping along at 110mph on the highway east of Lake Winnebago with the lake flies plastering the windshield and the lot of us totally amazed we made it to our destination; and then with the terminal presence of the salesman to whom I (as I had hoped to do) related that incident in my life, and then spoke to about facts pertinent to me current situation, and then from whom I received some valuable advice regarding my attempt to secure disability status; and then with the surprise presence of two former neighbors--Nick and Frances (though I could not recall her name)--sitting on a bench when I went back outside to wait for my auto, and with whom I then also sat and there conversed! Thursday 2001-07-12 5:05pm - I want to create in my life a place where, using the intelligence and talents I have been given, I can deepen my intelligence and uncover new talents, and thereby secure sustenance and find fulfillment. Does this mean I am going to set aside those talents which I believe are my central talents? No. * The healings I want to occur are the healings I have been praying to the Holy Spirit for: the healings of my spirit, my mind, my heart. * The situations I want to change are: my current desperate financial state, my constant feeling of -10 worth, and my continuing inability to make wise choices. * For the source of the self-examing above see Patricia Gift's interview of Gary Quinn at and see also Gary Quinn's book, May the Angels Be with You. Friday 2001-07-27 11:54am - I am as I am. Yet who I am I do not know. Friday 2001-08-03 9:27am - It may be, Lord, that not any of my "creations" will be accorded the status: worthy of remembering; but You know and I know that such is far less important than the manner in which I live each moment I am given, the worthiness of my love during those moments. Tuesday 2001-09-11 6:25pm - In my efforts to be more responsible, I, over a number of years, proved myself to be more irresponsible because I failed to sufficiently understand who I am, and therefore made many foolish choices instead of many wise choices; and so destroyed what little solvency I did have, and so further weakened my mental instability, and so placed sharper stresses upon my spirit. ....... The twin towers of the World Trade Center are no more, and a portion of the Pentagon is no more; but those losses are nothing compared to even one of/ the human lives/ no longer among us. Thursday 2001-10-04 2:16pm - It is 11:11, and the full moon Blessed Trinity, make me to care about Janice without getting upset at her; make me to care about life without getting upset. Make me to find joy in caring. 10-31-01 BAS (&, while on WUFT-FM's Night Bridge, as if magically, George Winston with "Give Me Your Pains") Brian Salchert Friday 2001-10-12 4:04pm - The Alexander Technique (the importance of the mind and the body working in consort with each other) - - - 1. Ego formation in Western Civilization (the separation of the mind from the body and the ascendancy of the mind over the body) 2. One's mental abilities and physical ailments 3. One's personality traits and the need to cope with life's stresses 4. Fear of insufficiency no matter how concertedly one strives 5. Joy and the fullness of one's spirit Monday 2001-10-29 1:09pm - 10/28/01 As to perfection, Jesus promotes it strongly; but I, no matter how strongly I desire to be perfect, do not expect to ever be perfect because I lack the necessary attributes. Oh, I have/ at times come close/ in ultimately insignificant ways such as (if I remember correctly) my twice bowling a 279. Notably,' though, unhappily, on the negative side, is my annoying penchant for voicing my displeasure when some thing aggravates me--and some thing does exceedingly often aggravate me. Such self-pity! Such false pride! As if, as one close to me says, I think I am perfect and therefore must be exempt from making any errors, I, who have made far more grievous errors (choices) than most. Teach me, Jesus, to cultivate silence, sincerity, simplicity. Wednesday 2001-11-07 10:30am - The other day it occurred to me that often when I become angry I immediately blame some one or some thing when indeed it is I who am at fault. - - - (Deep psychological wounds are extremely difficult to heal.) Tuesday 2001-11-13 around 10am - O Blessed Virgin, what ever am I going to do? I am so tightly wound. Every mishap / every interruption ticks me tighter. Each day/ I am replacing one or more springs. Remember/ how often I've said: If I had a brain, it would kill me? Please sue for peace in me. Friday 2001-12-28 3:09pm - Guardian, I am such a dolt, such a wretched underachiever, angel. Be happy in the Lord? Rejoice in the Lord? Maybe for a second, a minute; or if I am lucky, an hour or so. I so need to meet the challenges, God in His wisdom allows me to face. Certainly, you and God (sometimes directly and sometimes not) have numerous times saved me: allowed this body to continue on, this mind, this heart, this spirit. Angel, thank you for what you have done for me and for what you are doing as I stumble through my darknesses, guardian. Monday 2001-12-31 2pm - New Year's Eve What matters is how each day we meet the challenges which come our way. Therefore I (so quicly astray) moment on moment, for right choosing, pray. Brian Salchert = = = Brian A. J. Salchert

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