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Sunday, February 17, 2008


Edges of Knowledge * Good morning (or as it may be). Tuesday 2002-10-15 4:34pm - Heavenly Father, You know the extent of my sins and how horrendous too many of them were: You also know the extent and value of my right choices. How amazing, God, You are! Twice today, when I phoned the hotel to speak with/ a certain woman, You made it so/ she was there for me. Thank You, God, for being; for being perfect; for being amazing/ for one such as I, . . . so stupid. Wednesday 2002-10-16 9:29am - So today there was 7:17 & 8:11 & 8:17 naturally. And during the mid-day hours, 12:17 popped up; and then a namber/ I had not/ seen in a while, the God number: 1:11. That number stopped me, pulled me into meditation, brought me solace. Between 3 and 4pm I decided to eat a large apple. Some while later, as I wasn't feeling quite right, I decided to put some apple butter on a slice of bread. The slice had a couple of wee holes in it; so I got out the B & B and covered them. Since there wasn't much apple butter left in its jar, I used my father's old Newton trick. Holding the open jar at a high angle over the bread with my left hand, I hit upward against the jar toward the jar's raised bottom with the heel of my right hand. When I had gotten enough apple butter on the bread, I wiped off the jar's lip, and closing the jar, put it back in the fridge. After spreading the apple butter around on the bread, I glanced up: the wall clock read 5:11. I ate what I had made for myself and went back to the den. Earlier in the den-- when I wasn't online-- I had made some essential phone calls, wrote out some checks for bills and gotten them ready for mailing, and dealt as I could with two days of received mail, etcetera. During this new period of time I decided to pray the rosary. Then I thought I would go back to the kitchen/living area to eat some sardines with crackers; and, I decided to take with me a small empty bowl which had been sitting on a nearby shelf. I said to myself: it better not be 6:17 when I go through the door. (I do not wear or carry on me a personal watch. I just do not like them.) On the other side of the door is a sofa bed which Janice and I had been sleeping on the last days of her life here, and which I have continued to sleep on. Next to the bed I have an alarm clock. It happens to be running about 30 seconds ahead of the wall clock. I didn't look at the wall clock first; on the alarm clock was: 6:17. Seeing that, I decided not to eat the sardines and crackers then but to come back to write the above section. Anyway, I got quite involved with it, and as soon as I finished (I was not paying attention to the computer clock time, but I was "thinking about" getting something to eat) I went offline; and even though I knew it probably was not a good idea, I went to eat the sardines and crackers anyhow. Lo!, as if to herald my entrance, the bedside alarm clock shined 7:17, and two seconds later the wall clock shined 7:17. Thursday 2002-10-17 11:56am All the wrong choices. All the wrong choices. Where is there forgiveness if I can not forgive myself? [Interlude: Today I tried to ignore all that 11 after & 17 after stuff; and, after being away from here most of the afternoon, I had even semi-forgotten about it. Watched some news (including "The ABC Evening News" while I was in the kitchen chasing yet another black mosquito and eating some more of the blueberry banana loaf) until near 7pm. I then returned to this den to do this & that. When I finished the drink I had and took the plastic back to the kitchen to be washed--sometime, both the wall clock and the bedside clock shone 7:17.] I was supposed to be the son my father lost, and who knows whether I was; but I am not the son he thought he had. the 10-14-02 entry on page 105 of the Blue Ledger---------- Brian Salchert I tell you: It is extremely difficult to avoid doing that which later you might regret, whether that is doing something you should not do/ or not doing something you should do. 10-17-02 entry on page 105 of the Blue Ledger---------- Brian Salchert Wednesday 202-10-23 10:54pm - This afternoon was a heavily medical one. Went to meet with my WC counselor to fill out an E-- F-- application. Also, being in the building where I get my annual flu shot, I did so. Afterwards drove to Eckerd's bor 2 meds & a supplement. Yesterday, I believe it was, I had it verified that Janice's last medical bills were covered by Medicaid. Thank You, Lord. Sunday 2002-10-27 7:20pm - For most of the sunlit time of the day yesterday I was in Shands atAGH, mostly in the CPU. - Brian A. J. Salchert

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