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Saturday, February 16, 2008


Edges of Knowledge Wednesday 2002-09-11 5:29pm - Attended Mass this morning at St. Patrick. This afternoon in the mailbox a sympathy card from Fr. Ed; I--in my usual slow manner-- wrote back immediately. Yes, I also pray God may begin a new day for me "full of hope and light." Saturday 2002-09-14 3:58pm - Dear God, as You are aware, on July 18th (at 9:38pm, so it was officially noted) the spirit of the woman who had been my companion 37+ years moved on; and while I believe I have been forgiven, I still can not get it out of my head-- because I know--that if I had been more rational and had had better insights/ I would have made better choices than I did, choices that would have made her life with me happier than it was, choices which might very well have lengthened her earthly sojourn, not because such is in itself good, but because she would have wanted it so. Dear God, here today, as in every day hence I remain in my earthly sojourn, I again ask Your forgiveness-- even if such asking often seems to me vapid--for the wrong choices I have made, especially those which were bad for Janice. Tuesday 2002-09-17 7:44pm - Four major accomplishments today: 1. Got a proper original mobile home title, one put in my name only. 2. Got answers I needed from IRS. 3. Began ninth section of my Meanderings of an Amateur Mathematician 2: Number Theory Investigations. 4. Finally got my Norton Antivirus 2002 properly registered by using Symantec's online customer service registration screens. Wednesday 2002-09-18 5:30pm - What an afternoon regarding a certain debt! For days I have been atwitch in my brain trying to figure out how to approach it. Yesterday I came across a San Diego company I felt I could comfortably question. This afternoon I called. The man who answered/ led me to the Clerk of Courts here in Gainesville. The woman there gave me several solacing responses. I had been wanting to call the debt collection agency, but still did not know what I would say; then, a man at the debt collection agency called me. I, several minutes later, decided to call him back. The further information he gave me made indicate to him I might try to save up enough to close the account. We shall see now what God wills; or, that is, I might not see, but someone surely will. Friday 2002-09-27 11:36am - Last night, while sitting on the toilet in the "den" bathroom behind, I got frightened by a dark bee(?)/ hornet(?)/ wasp(?) that flew up over my back. I tried to get it with an empty pet glove box about 9 times but the door to the bathroom was not tightly shut; so, when the door got nudged, the thing flew out and over toward the window. Closing the door, I glanced behind me, and was stopped by a bit of shit resting on the toilet seat. I/ cleaned (sic) it (sic) off. The hidden presence of the dark insect unsettled me. As soon as I was able to, I went to the sofa bed to retrieve the orange flyswatter. Though I off-and-on searched, I never saw the bug again. I/ slept with the flyswatter next to me. This morning, while eating my cereals with banana at the kitchen counter, I felt/ at an empty distance. Medicines I am reluctant to take, foods I am not sure will settle well, a deepening despondence over errant choices I have made, the continuing uncertainty about who I am and who I ought to strive to be: I don't know/ I just don't know/ I just don't know anymore/ I just don't, hooked my brain. Then I noticed the dark thing on the kitchen's large window. I picked up the swatter. I wacked at the thing till it fell on the floor: where I swatted it dead. But in order to be sure--and because I would need to put it in the waste "can" anyhow--I folded a section of paper toweling, picked the creature (there in two parts: one that might have been its head) up, and scrunched it inside. Immediately again: Perhaps that is how one day I will die, caught my brain. Perhaps, as I had done on occasion, I should have found a way to capture it and gotten it back outside, (Out in our yard one day in Fond du Lac, when I was a kid--though I didn't have an allergic reaction to it, a bee stung me.) I peered once more at the "Janice" spider, which had fashioned a web underneath the dinette table, but along about this past September 11th had suddenly fallen from the table's pole, and--though I was not fairly certain until a week or so later--died on the floor. And even considering/ that/ that Aztecan arachnid/ might not have stuck any, the tiny black flies are back at the garbage. Thursday 2002-10-10 7:46pm - Today I completed my internal change (though I am becoming less and less sure of what day it is/ because certain physical manifestations are making me less and less sure of my sanity) from [into unto] to [thinking lizard]. [Into unto] is the sacred site in my i-b-n-a-r kingdom, and now it can be solely that. [Thinking lizard] is my site for in-depth searching, for boundary extending, for publishing/ whether or not anyone cares who I am or what I do. Monday 2002-10-14 11:17pm (wall clock time) - Late this morning my life passed through an eerie incident. I had worked all night doing the front desk audit at GNVUC and/ I was extremely tired. I had been standing at the kitchen counter finishing a bowl of cereal when I decided to move away from there for a reason I do not recall. What I do recall is waking in front of the recliner Janice spent most of her out-of-bed hours in the last several months or her life here/ and falling backwards towards the left (almost as if I had been pushed), clipping & knocking the table lamp onto the floor while I was in route to the floor. Once there/ I looked back & upwards: the wall clock read 11:18/ which immediately meant to me it must have been 11:17am just before (or as) I awoke. A week or so ago I injured the middle finger of my left hand, an injury I felt mostly in the upper knuckle. Around 8am at the hotel/ the soreness in my finger seemed to be mostly between the knuckles. After my fall/ the finger no longer felt sore. For several months before the sad awakening of 9/11/01 Janice and I/ had taken to noticing 11:11am on the wall clock. And even after, we often did. When I turned this computer on/ the wall clock read: 11:11pm. (This computer's clock is two minutes ahead of the wall clock.) Since 9/11/01 both 11 and 17 have--for me-- become exceedingly special. Yet, even after yesterday's experiences, I am still not really certain why. (It is now 12:40am 10/15/02 wall clock time.) - Brian A. J. Salchert

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