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[6-16-2009 Update Insert: Most of what is in this space is now moot. I found out what I was doing wrong and have reinstated Archives and Labels searches. They do work. However, in certain cases you may prefer Labels to Archives. Example: 1976 Today begins in November of 2006 and concludes in December of 2006, but there are other related posts in other months. Note: Labels only shows 20 posts at a time. There are 21 hubs, making 21 (which is for 1976 Today) an older hub.] ********************************* to my online poems and song lyrics using Archives. Use hubs for finding archival locations but do not link through them. Originally an AOL Journal, where the archive system was nothing like the system here, this blog was migrated from there to here in October of 2008. Today (Memorial/Veteran's Day, May 25, 2009) I discovered a glitch when trying to use a Blogger archive. Now, it may be template-related, but I am unable to return to S M or to the dashboard once I am in the Archives. Therefore, I've decided on this approach: a month-by-month post guide. The sw you see in the codes here stood for Salchert's Weblog when I began it in November of 2006. It later became Sprintedon Hollow. AOL provided what were called entry numbers, but they weren't consistent, and they didn't begin at the first cardinal number. That is why the numbers after "sw" came to be part of a post's code. ************** Here then is the month-by-month post guide: *2006* November: 00001 through 00046 - December: 00047 through 00056 -- *2007* January: 00057 through 00137 - February: 00138 through 00241 - March: 00242 through 00295 - April: 00296 through 00356 - May: 00357 through 00437 - June: 00438 through 00527 - July: 00528 though 00550 - August: 00551 through 00610 - September: 00611 through 00625 - October: 00626 through 00657 - November: 00658 through 00729 - December: 00730 through 00762 -- *2008* January: 00763 through 00791 - February: 00792 through 00826 - March: 00827 through 00849 - April: 00850 through 00872 - May: 00873 through 00907 - June: 00908 through 00931 - July: 00932 through 00955 - August: 00956 through 00993 - September 00994 through 01005 - October: 01006 through 01007 - November: 01008 through 01011 - December: 01012 through 01014 -- *2009* January: 01015 through 01021 - February: 01022 through 01028 - March: 01029 through 01033 - April: 01034 through 01036 - May: 01037 through 01044 - ******************************************************* 1976 Today: 2006/11 and 2006/12 -- Rooted Sky 2007: 2007/01/00063rsc -- Postures 2007: 2007/01/sw00137pc -- Sets: 2007/02/sw00215sgc -- Venturings: 2007/03/00216vc -- The Undulant Trees: 2007/03/00266utc -- This Day's Poem: 2007/03/00267tdpc -- Autobio: 2007/04/sw00316ac -- Fond du Lac: 2007/04/00339fdl -- Justan Tamarind: 2007/05/sw00366jtc -- Prayers in December: 2007/05/sw00393pindc -- June 2007: 2007/06/sw00440junec -- Seminary: 2007/07/sw00533semc -- Scatterings: 2008/08/00958sc ** Song Lyrics: 2008/02/sw00797slc ********** 2009-06-02: Have set S M to show 200 posts per page. Unfortunately, you will need to scroll to nearly the bottom of a page to get to the next older/newer page.


Monday, July 7, 2008


Edges of Knowledge 2004-09-18 Saturday 3:59pm - ---from the 9-18-04 entries of my Capricorn Journal--- 3:13pm dc through 11:38pm dc . So you're gonna die. Everyone's gonna die. But is that really why ev'ry little thing/ upsets you/ . Why coldn't I stop? I don't know. Why couldn't I change course? I don't know that either. . 63; thus passing through my 64th year, I yet can often innovate, and re-innovate. Therefore, why sometimes . [do] I get mired in a/ harmful way of doing/ I can only attribute to/ a deranged self-awareness? . Those times when reason/ permeates my self-awareness regarding a particular, I can cease [doing] that which is harmful. . At least begin to. 2004-10-09 Saturday 10:40pm - In an offline place, today I took a first step toward outlining my life's oeuvres, if I am given the time to do so; and eventually toward presenting the extant majority of my writings under one title, if I am given the time to do so. 2004-10-21 Thursday 10:11pm - Deleted two screen names today. . . . [Three] remain. 2004-10-29 Friday 10:11pm - There are preliminary stories to what I am being moved to say here, but I am going to elide them. * What I wish to do is give a little sermon on the word "as" in The Lord's Parayer. That word, to me, has these meanings: 1. to the degree in which 2. in the manner of how. [ 2008-07-07: The "as" I was speaking of occurs in the passage: "And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us." ] * Further, "Vengeance is mine," saith the Lord; and "Whatsoever you shall do unto these, the least of My brethren, you do unto Me," Jesus said; and also, "Love your enemy." 2004-10-31 Sunday 10:06am - Further, do not forget Jesus's word's: "Father, forgive them; (for) they do not know what (it is) they do." 2005-01-05 Wednesday 12:41am - It may well be the bloggers rule the net, but just as they were becoming the power in online journalizing/ I was taking my journalizing powers into the offline. 2005-02-11 Friday 5:26pm dc / 5:30pm cc - Am considering opening a . . . [site] on which I will present a different creation of mine each day. I may, for instance, for all the seeming senselessness of it/ from certain vantage places, begin by presenting each of the 366 sonnets in my 1976. 2005-03-13 Sunday 7:20pm dc - Offline Capricorn Journal I was keeping is full. The hardbound notebook was, I believe, a gift from Janice years back.I am writing a short poem on an unlined page at the rear of the notebook. 2005-03-20 Sunday 10:54pm cc - An outline (a listing of titles) of my works which I've begun on some legal size yellow/ lined paper/ I am now intending to place here, but not tonight. 2005-03-23 Wednesday 1:43pm cc/dc - Am considering beginning a new page. I want to make an annotated outline of my writings. I know I will probably miss some, but I can always add them when I happen upon them. I any case, it seems appropriate to have them all on the same page. Besides, there continue to be new ones, and I think I will need the space. I know it will look cleaner. As to SAPLINGS, I may reveal exactly what I have, if I can find it. - Brian A. J. Salchert 2008-07-07 ekua17

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