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Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Edges of Knowledge 2005-06-11 Saturday 9:49pm cc/dc - Listened to "The Caravan"/ tonight. It was another special: this time a Tom Russell CD. Charles Bukowski and Little Jack Horton were at the center of it, but there were several others also, one of whom was the American Music Maverick, Harry Parch. Near the CD's end, the program (I think) also included a commentary on the CD. When the last track was playing, 2005-06-12 Sunday 9:08pm -- Happy Anniversary -- - (continuing from yesterday) That commentary apprised the listener he/she might experience an emotional ambivalence at the CD's end. One of the possibilities was: the listener might begin crying. As I am one quite prone to such a response, I bolstered myself. I had no idea, of course, what I might actually do. When the last track began, I realized it was being sung by a female, and that is was: "America, The Beautiful"; and that soft tears were forming behind my eyes. Obviously, Tom Russell loves this country; and as harsh as much of what he presents on his CD is, his choosing to have its final track be what it is/ certifies that every track on his CD is there because he loves this country, as his own commentaries through/out do make clear. . 11:41pm cc - At 11:32pm dc I was at an firewall info page. I ex[ect I will go back there tomorrow. Am still not sure, and I may run into the same block as I did with the Zone product. 2008-06-13 Monday 1:11pm cc/dc - Good afternoon, God. - Yesterday I finally changed my wall calendar from May to June. The calendar's hole for hanging is too small for the head of the nail in the wall, and I have always had a problem switching months because of that, but yesterday I decided to use one of my cuticle scissors to make a wee cut from the hole's top-- which is the hole's bottom when the page is turned up--in the June page. I also have an eight-inch metal crucifix hanging in front of the calendar. Because there are two storage boxes (which originally held packets of ketchup for a Chick-fil-A I had been employed at for a few months) along the wall there, and I am now around 4'11", the nail holding the calendar and crucifix is almost beyond my reach. So, I got the June page up; but I needed to get the crucifix back up, and I found that trying to get its big-enough ring to settle around the nail while I was holding that crucifix upright/ was only going to frustrate me. Luckily, I also found I still could reach high enough to turn the crucifix upside down. It took some patient doing, but with its ring hanging free, I was just able to get my left hand's index finger's nail-edge on that ring solidly enough to hold it back toward the wall so I could then slowly swing the crucifix clockwise down with my right hand. 2005-06-19 Sunday 9:15am cc/dc Father's Day - My obsession with numbers, and particularly my fetish with certain of them, seems to be holding a part of my brain in a maze trap. This morning I exited from the drr at 7:11am dc, and first looked at the wc at 7:41am; and when I looked a second time, it was 7:51am. It was 7:59am when I left the k, but 8:00am when I got back into the d. And then it was 8:17am dc, and later 8:50am; but it was 8:51am on the sbc and the wc. And then, moments ago, it was 9:32am on the dc. The current core fetish minutes are: 00, 16, 17, 32, 41 & 51. 2005-06-21 Tuesday 7:53pm cc/dc - And what number did I forget?: 11, of course. - Immediate karma. Two stories. 1. Some minutes ago I was in the kitchen eating a banana while--as I usually do there-- standing at the counter, and when I finished, I went about wrapping the remains up in the paper towelling I had placed it on; only, another section of paper towelling which was under that one began to come up with it; and the lizard in me popped up its head, its tongue flicking; and I began venting, spouting little nasties, as I untangled the two . . . sections and, talking to myself, settled down. But at the back edge of another sheet of towelling off to my left stood an 8 oz. plastic tumbler I had nearly filled with water and grape juice. As I turned to take the wrapped banana leavings over to the garbage basket, my left hand--because it was too free and I was not standing as straight as I ought to have been--tumbled/ my drink. Stunned, yet quite aware, I kept silent, thinking: Well, Jesus, I know You're trying to change me, but I--at which point I have Him interject: Yes, you dumb shit, but you just don't get it. I begin the long cleanup, which happened to involve 2 holy cards. Immediate Karma. [2. ???] 2005-06-25 Sunday 11:37pm cc - Such a strange person I am: so easily do I get aggravated; so relentlessly do I push on. 2005-06-27 Monday 12:02am cc - It was just midnight on the dc, or 00:00am (as I prefer to show it). I had been up at Sunday 19jun05 where I listed my signal numbers, but missed one (so I thought). I am now going to go back there to check again because I now suspect I missed two. I did! Not only did I miss 11, but also . . . missed 14, my nemesis #. . 7:11, 7:14, 7:16pm wc & 7:17pm dc yesterday. . . . . Big A-A yellow shirt #33 cell phone smooth white car? . A C. W. called regarding my epilepsy. We conversed for a fair while. . White car still directly outside my den window. It is 1:17pm dc. Chevrolet? . Because I had a hard thirst, I was at my shelving where my mostly water drinks rest. It was 3:52pm dc./ 4:11pm/ At 4:51pm I was watching through hard rain to see what the garbage guys would do with my garbage. They skipped it. I began wondering if they knew something I didn't: there is a bomb in it. That maybe on the other side a message reads: Do not open. I knew that perhaps they skipped it only because it was not obviously full. . After they left, I unplugged my computer, phone line, and TV. 5:11pm dc . 6:01pm - white car returned again - possibly for a third time, but parked in a different location. Perhaps it was a different car. 2005-06-29 Wednesday 9:24pm dc - It's incredible. After a long, tiring day, I--in the end--had to take a taxi home from Publix as MV ceased to oblige me. I do not know what I am going to do about them. And then there was the tall bloated elderly shopper who insisted I was sleeping (all the while he was shopping) in the chair I had been sitting on: a chair which was brought to me by one W-- for my comfort since there was no way of knowing how long I might have to wait for my ride. That accuser was, yes, partly right, but since I quickly realized there was no possibility of reasoning with him, I said, "Goodbye"; and went back into the store proper while he had his "mom"--unnecessarily--move the chair out of their way. . It's incredible. I arrived home at 5:55pm dc. Who knows. It is now 11:41pm cc. During all those minutes/ a set of phone rings occurred only one time: yes/ when I was sitting on the/ toilet. [. . .] 2005-06-30 Thursday 12:30 (or 00:30) am cc. - I won't be going to the peer group session at CIL twelve hours from now. . For the second day in a row/ the phone has rung while I was on the toilet. The time was around 4:23pm dc. . Aboust 8pm a white car stopped in front of my home. A fairly big A-A wearing an orange and black shirt with the number 27 on it/ got out. He placed an un- lit cigarette between his lips. He was carrying two filled plastic shopping bags. (One would guess/ food was in them.) The white car? It was an Acura. - Brian A. J. Salchert 2008-07-08 ekua18

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