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Thursday, July 10, 2008


Edges of Knowledge 2005-07-25 Monday 11:05pm cc - As aggravated as I can get at my least mistake; as sharply as my inability to be perfect/ irks me, I would not want to have a chip implanted in me that would make me "perfect". Where there is no challenge when it comes to improving one's ways of doing, there is no joy. . However, because I have so many ailments, I might accept the implantation of a medical chip. 2005-07-26 Tuesday 7:51pm cc - Most significant time today: 7:32pm dc. Had gone to drr, and shortly thereafter the phone rang. I would not have answered it, but it is easy to get to now because a while back I found a way to get it closer to the drr. The caller was J. D., whom I have been thinking of nearly every day for an even longer while. I wanted to call him, but I could not summon/ his last name. During our conversation, I revealed something about me which moved him to say . . . in parting. . . . . . --after 9pm-- On the radio the Milwaukee Symphony is playing Brahm's Symphony #4. It is one of those works I relate to right from its first notes, even if I do not have the musical memory that would allow me to remember them. 2005-07-27 Wednesday 11:49pm cc - Yesterday I meant to mention that it was ADA day, meaning that on July 26th, 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act was signed; but I never quite got to it. . Today was a busy enough day, but the next 2 days are likely to be busier. Tomorrow I will be getting a third bone density scan. It's been a while since the second scan. Friday I need to see one of my case managers regarding an upcoming [see new day] --12:00am cc-- 2005-07-28 Thursday 12:02am cc - sanity session with a clinical psychologist. . Last had a bone density scan (bds) as Shands Main on 19FEB04. Today at Shands Main I had another. 2008-08-01 Monday 9:45am cc - I began my computer day at 0:32am dc. . Decided about a year ago--I'm not really sure--to place all my writings in one large volume, but have been finding it difficult to decide on a title for that volume. This morning-- while slowly thinking through my major daily prayer--my thoughts opened to my last night with Janice, and my one contact, and my last words. Just as I did not know I would be visiting her twice that day, I did not know she would pass that night, nor did I know I would inexplicably be gently moving my cursor from the bottom left of its screen to the middle top/ close upon/ the time she passed. Placing my left hand on her forehead was my one attempt-to-communicate touch, and saying "good night, Janice" concurrently/ my last words. As to my volume, among the titles I have considered are: Who Am I? and Everything Wants to Fall on the Floor. This morning I decided I would name my mysterious opus: Good Night, Janice. 2005-08-06 Friday 9:47pm cc - 9:41pm dc - This is the day that Janice made/ what with my coming to read "Bridge Over Troubled Water" because of Bill Beckett and his closing his program, "The Caravan". with Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir", which I found and read at, and which led me to their "Stairway to Heaven" which I also read there; and then to S & G's "Bridge . . ." which I also read there; and understood why/ Janice so loved it/ as I, for the first time, really read it, my life otherwise being usually too noisy for me to care to really read/ any song. . You know, Forty-One, if the numbers tonight are trying to communicate, 9 means September, the month . . . Janice [and I] got engaged. . [ 2008-07-10 note: US Highway 41 is the major north-south highway that passes just west of my hometown. ] 2005-08-11 Thursday 10:26pm dc - Am revising Rooted Sky offline. 2005-08-19 Friday 12:51pm dc - At last I am becoming the hermit I have always wanted to be. 2005-08-27 Saturday 11"58pm cc - Thank You, Lord, for having the tallow tree's dead limb be ready for plucking. It was/ as You know/ a bit tricky, but I did manage to pull it down without causing too much damage. 2005-08-29 Monday 11:11pm dc - At 64, I am a self-displaced Wisconsin poet. 2005-09-05 Monday Labor Day 9:41pm dc - While looking for something else over the last several days, I came across--in a school notebook-- an essay I apparently began on 04SEP1985. I do not have the time to enter it here now, but I will give its title: (Poetry): "Some Thoughts About Poetry from a Fledgling Seeker of Word Magic" 2005-09-09 Friday 11:01pm dc - "Hermetics" definition today. 2005-0-15 Thursday 8:11pm dc - Over at Tripod, my year-to-year "Brian's Brain" is my . . . [journal]. Here, my "Edges of Knowledge" unplanned autobiography is. [ 2008-07-10 note: Here is ThirdAge. ] . I am abruptly again, however, leaving here. My mind has been--by tonight's program--made curious about the life of Sol and of other stars. 2005-09-16 Friday 11:31pm cc - Goin'nuts agin as I usually do when I get too stressed. This spirit of mine is just too wound up, too like a knotted ball of yarn, too like a spinning beast of yearning. . . . 2005-09-18 Sunday 9:53pm cc - If every little thing that isn't perfect gets to you, then the only way to find peace is summoning up the courage to: kill perfection. 2005-09-20 Tuesday 8:06pm dc - For the last 2 days now I've not gone out into the yard. Perhaps tomorrow. I am sure that meanwhile the weeds are laughing. 2005-09-27 Tuesday 4:00pm dc - To hell with time; to hell with perfection. They have done more to keep me stressed than anything else I can think of; and yet, not being a natural genius, yea, dumb as I am-- nay, perhaps because dumb as I am-- I find it is not possible for me to cease battling with unyielding time; for me to cease wanting untouchable perfection. 2005-10-14 Friday 9:38pm dc - Hadn't had a mosquito in here for quite some while, but yesterday--one at a time as usual--got in here, the last one when my lunch arrived. I killed each of the first 3, but I do not know if I ever killed the 4th one. . I don't know if it's the Keppra I'm taking, or what, but all of a sudden I have been consistently hitting the wrong keys on my keyboard, especially the specialized ones. . [ 2008-07-10 note: That Keppra remark is interesting in that I am still on Keppra and that this year I seem to be having more problems/ hitting the/ right keys. ] 2005-10-23 Sunday 7:54pm - The other day I found a small but scary spider spinning a web in this drr's sink. . [ 2008-07-10 note: Recently I have killed at least six different kinds of spiders in this apartment. ] - Brian A. J. Salchert 2008-07-10 ekua19

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