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Thursday, February 14, 2008


Edges of Knowledge Sunday 2002-05-05 6:45pm - While I cannot know the nature of your psyche, I do know--and am constantly learning more-- about the nature of my psyche. Sadly, one such piece of knowledge shows how easily stress unbalances me. Spates of anger (you may not realize) coming from/ someone as I, are not, actually, directed toward the situations, objects, persons they appear to be; but toward the ventor of those spates of anger. They are all, primordially, transferred epithets. They are all hurtful evidences of self-loathing. They are all representative of an ingrained psychological malignancy. Do I wish I were not so plagued. Absolutely. Monday 2002-05-13 7:26pm - Recently I became a member of The Confraternity of the Rosary. About one week ago I received from them some literature, among which was a novena announcement, with 18 possible intentions attached, with the 18th being Special Intentions. I am still attempting to form several relevant to me. I suspect I will be fiddling with the wording of these for some while yet. Roughly, the first is: That my psyche be healed as regards my getting "all bent out of shape" when I am forced by certain circumstances to expend time & energy hunting and fixing that which I feel I should not have had to deal with. In other words: Let me always remain calm, not matter what unexpected task comes my way. The second is: That The Blessed Virgin go to her Son, my Lord and Savior, to ask that any evils-- if any there are--others have wished befall me/ be negated. The third is: That I learn to carry those crosses I am given/ silently and joyfully. Wednesday 2002-05-15 7:24m - What a day today was! difficulty after difficulty! and from my end, failure after failure. I just don't know, God; I just don't know. Thursday 2002-05-16 12:20pm - Have I been irresponsible in my life? Yes, too often. Have I been a fool? Have I been an idiot? Yes. Am I smug about it? No. Thursday 2002-05-23 - Today I received a conclusions letter from Dr. M. D. of the Institute on Aging at the University of Florida regarding the project I participated in on Saturday, December 9th, 2000. From whatthis letter revealed, I could easily see how grandiose my goals were--and yet are--compared to most other eldering persons. I truly am a dreamer. Recently I have been taking online IQ tests with a view toward improving myself mentally. One such test I took, on which I scored 122, placed me in that site's Inspired Inventor group. Another such, which I took last night, surprisingly scoring 132, placed me in that site's Gifted Group and so among the top 5%, high enough to be invited to join that site's Society. Also, they had a section of questions wherein I was able to share my 1370 score on the one GRE exam I have taken, a score I will ever be pleased with no matter how many years I am allowed to live beyond JUN 09 1984. . . . . For whatever it means, I have scored from 100 to 153 on online IQ tests I have taken lately. Sadly, however intensely one dreams, however high one's IQ, if one does not have wisdom. . . . Sunday 2002-05-26 6:55pm - Back in the late mid 1960's, when I was enrolled in The University of Iowa's Writers' Workshop, I became convinced it was in what happens to the #'s we use as they move into the 3rd dimension that the proof of Fermat's Last Theorem exists; and-- the residing proof notwithstanding--I am still so convinced. That is why I found myself one day in Iowa U's Math Library/ constructing what I hoped would be the basis for a geometric proof; and that is why some thirty years later I found myself resdiscovering--as I latterly learned--Bernoulli's power sets. Given this, I tend to believe Fermat actually did/ provide a proof in a margin: that an extremely simple proof exists, one which keys on: the-nature-of-the- spaces between each other/ #'s are forced to// once they rise past the squares level. Tuesday 2002-06-11 5:20pm - I am just intelligent enough to want to do great things; yet, I am just lacking enough in intelligence to consistently feel I will never be able to do great things. Such frustration, I realize, may well ensure I will never do great things. Still, I do not cease to push forward, in this and that, to seek here to perfect a talent, and to seek there to find answers where it seems on the surface no answers can be found; I do not cease attempting to learn, create, and to share, always hoping my venturing so will not only be of value in itself, but also of value to attending others. Wednesday 2002-06-12 6:49pm - As somber as it was, due to our physical, psychical, and spiritual ailments, today is our 37th anniversary. Thursday 2002-06-13 8:53am - If to be truly an American, one needs to be an entrepreneur, I am not now nor am ever likely to be truly an American. Sunday 2002-06-30 6:11pm - What is my opinion of Rap Music? All too often it is Negatively Disruptive, and also Disrespectful, either in itself, and/or because of the behaviors it encourages-- due to its structure and content-- in those who are drawn to it. If I or you (for whatever reason(s)) disrespect any other, I or you therein allow any other to likewise disrespect you or me. - Brian A. J. Salchert

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