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Friday, February 15, 2008


Edges of Knowledge Thursday 2002-07-25 - Today I remembered some other thoughts I spoke to Janice, especially about the card from here parents and youngest sister and her husband and their two daughters, and about the stuffed cat she liked to hold/ and was there for her, and about the 2 rosaries brought: her glow-in-the-dark one, and the one from her youngest sister which the Pope had blessed; and, I believe, this: "Janice, you, time upon time the smile of Joy, ... ... ... so be with God, and be with me." This afternoon, per my credit counselor this morning, I wrote a short letter to Janice's "whale card" bank, sending along/ a copy of her death certificate. This afternoon I received a letter of gratitude from The University of Florida College of Medicine "for the gift of the remains of your wife, Janice Salchert." This letter also included words of sympathy and a specially printed exceptional quotation from the widow of one of their donors. Friday 2002-07-26 - "Did you not know" that any problems you have in your life, any problems she or he has are all my fault? - This world as it is desires and requires persons/ with specific reliable levels of perfection. I am not such a person, though I do/ for the sake of this world/ and the sake of me in it/ continue to try to be. The types of perfection my spirit naturally strives for are only peripherally noted by this world as it is; are only in the stratospheres/ of caring prized. And even there, amateur that I often am, are seldom made much of. Brian Salchert from Blue Ledger, page 100 Sunday 2002-07-28 - Everything that didn't need to be, actually, I think, did need to be; after all, who knows/ better than God knows. Brian Salchert from Blue Ledger, page 101 Tuesday 2002-07-30 - How is it that I who am nothing or/ perhaps, even less than nothing continue to be blessed and blessed by that One Being Who is "Everything"? Brian Salchert from Blue Ledger, page 101 Wednesday 2002-07-31 8:38pm - After falling asleep for an "hour" in the middle of it, I moments ago completed the following letter to --------. Dear Representative: This letter is to inform you that the holder of account ....-....-....-.... is now deceased. I, Brian A. Salchert, her former husband, am sending along a copy of the Death Certificate of Janice M. Salchert. As to the $56.68 charge on the current statement, a representative of the company as ...-...-.... said it would be taken off in two or three billing cycles. Her death and the length of time before the current charge is reversed creates a conundrum. I await your company's resolution. Thank you, Brian A. Salchert Brian A. Salchert address phone # email address Tuesday 2002-08-06 9:54am - I just finished writing a letter I did not expect to write, but because of what I said in it, I have decided to show the body of it here. The last cat we had was a black-and-white outdoors cat, though Janice picked it up when it was yet a kitten. She (Suzee) was ill. We did what we needed to to return it to health, and we kept it in our mobile home; but we did not thereafter do what we ought to have done, and we spoiled it. *--------- ----------------. During the early night of July 18th, 2002, Janice died. There's a hole in my soul that will not heal, and I cannot pretend the donation herein will heal it. * ---------------- ----------. * Finally I felt it necessary to give Suzee up to animal control. Besides and because of our not doing right by her, I was convinced she could no longer be trusted. I don't here wish to reveal the details. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In memory of Janice Marie Binnebose Salchert Godspeed, Brian Salchert Monday 2002-08-19 4:07pm - 8-18-02 No matter how much real good we have done: quietly, honestly, lovingly, there will always be (upon reflection) the feeling that we have not done enough. That is a condition of imperfection. Brian Salchert from Blue Ledger, page 101 * 8-18-02 Blessed Virgin, Blessed Trinity, if when Janice/ was shocked by that stroke, she did not know what to think or do-- I do not know what to think or do-- I can only pray she is okay, and is there with you. Brian Salchert from Blue Ledger, page 102 = = = Brian A. J. Salchert

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