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Saturday, February 16, 2008


Edges of Knowledge Wednesday 2002-08-21 5:09pm - Day began excitedly due to my math investigations. but even as that excitement did not last, new concerns associated with Janice's final illness has made today suddenly somber. And even the ants chose this day to return. Now is the time. Faith. Thursday 2002-08-22 4:09pm - Today I was told that via Hospice/ aid for Janice for the month of July was approved. Thank You, God. Sunday 2002-08-25 5:46pm - Those of you who wish to believe I am to blame for Janice's death I give you free rein to do so, even though in my dim soul I know I did not want such. 8-23-02 Brian Salchert And I believe Janice didn't want such either. from Blue Ledger, page 102 * 8-24-02 Although an individual willing to commit murder will usually espouse a "reason" for doing so, such a person-- being already beyond reason-- doesn't really need a reason for doing so. Brian Salchert from Blue Ledger, page 103 * 8-25-02 My God, such a frightful lot we are! Brian Salchert from Blue Ledger, page 103 Wednesday 2002-08-28 7:35am - Late morning yesterday I had to go the Ayers lab near AGH to have some blood drawn so the Dilantin level in my blood could be determined. Early afternoon yesterday I then had to go to my doctor's office so she could inspect what damage I had sustained/ and also ask me some important questions. Probably due to stress and overextension, I had had a third seizure, from which I awoke--my body at an angle on the floor with my head nearest the wall--about 11:33pm in this m/h. Because I was between the TV and the socket where I plug the nite-lite in, I have come to assume that plugging that light in was what I was doing when the seizure k/o'd me Monday night. Four consecutive hotel third shifts is still a bit more than my body these days is comfortable with. Still, my body mechanisms being as they are now, I do need to seriously pay attention when they are urging me to rest. Friday 2002-08-30 1:26pm - Whether I am totally at fault, partially at fault, or not at all at fault for Janice's death, her spirit has most definitely parted from her body; therefore, however valuable discussing the causes of that separation may be, I, here, am unequivocally alone; andit does not matter how strongly we argued or what each of us failed to grasp; her spirit has left its body, and I, here, am undeniably/ alone. Brian Salchert Sunday 2002-09-01 4:42pm - What a weekend this has been! Because I did not need to work these nights at the hotel, I went to Confession Saturday (first time since 10/08/01) and to Holy Mass today (first time in I do not know when). The sky now is darkening--the afternoon rain, it seems, is once again on its way. But I have been writing to a sister and a sister-in-law about specifics of these days, and I have been writing on my briansbrain2002 page in Tripod and on this autobio-p3 in ThirdAge; and I've been seeking that which/ could benefit me physically, mentally, emotionally, and (most of all) spiritually. As weak as I am, as weak as I have always been, the Father God, my Creator, has never ceased providing for me in ways far beyond what I believe I am worthy of. The priest who was my confessor, the priest who was the celebrant at the Mass I participated in today is/ a Jesuit. Had I not years ago tried to become a Jesuit, and had I not thereafter had a long connection wth a certain novice-mate who did and yet is a Jesuit, no special meaning at all would reside in this weekend's Catholic occurrences. Make of it what you will, I will ever wonder at it. The sky now has somewhat brightened again. No rain. No rain. Tuesday 2002-09-30 9:14pm - from 9-2-02 I told a certain sister-in-law/ some days after Janice had left her darkened body behind/ a spider had woven its residence underneath the dinette set we had (not for a long time) used, to which she promptly admonished & declared: "Do not kill it, Brian. It might be Janice." Checked off-balance by even the thought, I did allow the spider space; but kept a wary watch over it, noting how each day it would hide its lanky Aztecan body high up on the table's stem: a habit I got so familiar with that/ when I saw it had not done so several days, I began to wonder if this new Janice, too, had died, motionless--as it seemed to be--out in the body of its web. Along about the 7th day, I took a teasing stroke at it with "our" wooden yardstick. Still, it did not move. It wasn't until Sunday--September 1st, when somehow an ant (!) had gotten/ snagged near there, that the life in my spider flicked back on. Brian Salchert Thursday 2002-09-05 9:04am - See today's entry at Brian's Brain 2002. - Brian A. J. Salchert

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