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Monday, July 14, 2008


Edges of Knowledge 2005-12-26 Monday 4:55pm dc - Though I, because of my eclectic ways, even though I/ have made comments (over my almost 65 years) in response to various situations or direct questions, do not ever expect to be/ among those who/ are able to be online bloggers, I, in early Decenber of 2000, did begin an online journal--which continues to be sporadically maintained--here at ThirdAge. 2005-12-31 Saturday 8:06pm dc - About my insanities: . 1) Paranoia Yes, but targeted. Right now, the 2 new residents in the home just west of mine. Though they have not been directly/ nasty to me, I do not trust them: especially the shorter one. ~ [01.01.06 2:02pm dc Sunday ~ Also, they have [a] light-brown puppy with partially-asymmetrical white markings, making it exceptional enough/ it seems to me it could be a show dog. It is a pit bull. I have not seen a leash for it.] . 2) Narcissism Yes, but usually not overtly. Without it, my INFP(?) personality would be some other. It is what drives me to consistently create: with words and number in particular. . 3) Passive/Perfectionist-Aggressive Yes, but situationally. I am an epileptic: frontal lobe and generalized. However, I also have a low testosterone malady, the cause of which is yet to be determined. My GP decided I should be examined by some endorinologists. I have visited them once, have had blood drawn to test certain relevant activities in my body, and have been scheduled to visit them again. I am pleased my doctor directed me to them, and I am pleased the lead doctor I am seeing wants to know what is causing my malady. [ 2008-07-14 note: It turned out I apparently did not have low testosterone. ] . 4) Anger Yes, but it is a seething "I rate" condition, mostly. I know I was not born with the natural intelligence-- unless my early head injuries, along with whatever else, took such intelligence away from me-- to easily achieve, or achieve at all, what I wish to. So persistence has become/ a must for me: which may not be a bad condition. If you feel moved to, see what President Coolidge had to say about persistence. See also my read Tripod page about anger, about being irate. Not surprisingly, though, numerous other lackings/ rouse angers in me. . 5) Inferiority complex Yes, but if it is found my emotional immaturity is largely due to something wrong physically, I would accept it, and go from there. [01-01-06 12:09pm dc ~ Example: ~ Otherwise, here are three Britishers: Shakespeare, Newton, Keats. Millions of others then, from every place on Earth. See next. ~] . 6) Delusions of Grandeur Yes, but I do possess a sense of humor, quirky as it is, and perhaps at times too self-degrading. [01.01.06 11:55am dc ~ Example: ~ Sometimes when reading through an explanation of an abstract idea, i will suddenly say to myself: "Don't confuse me." To which I will answer myself: "With what?" ~] 2006-01-01 Sunday 10:48am dc - It is, yes, a new year; but I am still an all-too-easily-agaitated dreaming spirit. . 1) Empathy Yes, though both less and more than pleases me. ~ On the less end, it is my straight-out sins of omission which/ are my most egregious acts. ~ On the more end, it is my over-the-top acts of-- perceived by me--kindness// which are among my stupidest. . 2) [2008-07-14: If there is a "2", I know not where it is.] 2006-01-03 Tuesday 10:27pm dc - This night I learned of/ an old copyright law with devastating consequences: a law which is a perfect example of why so many governmental decisions are not for the common good. Do I overstate? Perhaps. . This morning I learned from a certain Case Manager of mine: I am in the "pipeline". Such a/ glorious gift/ it seems to be; and yet I wonder: Can God possibly be in there/ with me? . It is closing in on 11pm. . Nothing. Just the Penn State / Florida State football game. . As I am not feeling well, I am going to bed. 2006-01-30 Monday 12:55am cc - If we cannot have an atrium, perhaps we can have an exedra. - Brian A. J. Salchert 2008-07-14 ekua22

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lorenwebster said...

I'll have to say that being forced to get an AOL account and sign in each time won't help to get many comments.

I've wanted to comment several times but was unwilling to open yet another account with a password that I'm sure to forget because I just don't use it enough (and my memory doesn't seem to be what it once was ;-0.